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How much time it will take to get order :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
its my second day here.


just wait some days


All you have to do is to wait wait wait …
Consider adding multiple gigs rather than just 1. It would help buyers to see more sample work. These days, fiverr is like a competition site. Each try to have gigs and rating better than all. So, mostly, new people don’t get the first sale at first day or 2nd day. Keep up updating your gigs.
And yeah! consider providing full package including gig extras for $5 least first 10 buyers. Mention it in your gig description that you do provide all within $5. After 10 sales, you would be promoted to level 1. That time you can add gig extras.


As we say in Greece, “sigar sigar” (“slowly, slowly”) I am a top rated seller and am having a dreadful October! I think it took a week or two before my very first order, and it was a trickle after that. After a few months it became more regular. Until then, exercise patience. And don’t make Fiverr your sole source of income. Always diversify!


I am back after two month :slight_smile:


hmmmmmm thank you so much . these are best tips :slight_smile:


Hello Aisha my name is Sana

Personal Experience:
Optimize your gig as much as you can make it better with short title and make it express i believe u already know about express gig (24 Hours Delivery).

However its very difficult to say when you’ll get some orders.

But i’d like to tell you the KEY part of a gig is not description its first picture of PORTFOLIO
Because thats the picture that appears in your search result

make it very classy and unique so that it will get more and more attention from the people

Also i’ve seen your gig you must add extras or packages whichever is suitable for you
because if not people may find or consider your gig is some fraud.

So be open about everything.
Eid milaad un nabi mubarak to you and family
Allah hafiz