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Share Your Favorite Spam Messages

Spam comes with the territory here on Fiverr. And fortunately, some of the spam messages I’ve received are hilarious.

Share the best ones you’ve received in the comments below!

I’ll start. I woke up to this one yesterday morning:

“Hi sexy I hope you will be fine.I saw your gig on fiverr. Your gig is too great I love it too much.I am whiteboard animator I want to make an advertising video for your gig just in $10. If you are interested then show your interests. Thsnks.”


Hi my name is **** ****** I’m asking for a donation if u can help out I would really appreciate it

… from someone with no gigs.


Wow, they had some nerve! They could have at least made a donation gig. :joy:


That’s so lazy, to be begging but not even make a gig.


I’ll paraphase: “I love your work…” – (person has never bought my services) – “…I want to be just as successful as you! If you give me some of your orders, I will be ever grateful, and I will tell everyone how awesome your services are…” – (again, which he has never purchased). “That will send you lots of work, I just know it! So, what do you say, can we be partners?!”

Pfft. Yeah, sure. Here’s the door. How about you work on the outside of it. :wink:


That’s gold.

I got this in my inbox ten minutes ago: “i will write blog for you in cheap price with good contents and rewrite your blogs and internet research and much more and you can sell it at high price which you want

We should set your spammer up with this person. He can leave you alone and help her get lots of business instead.


This makes no sense. Buyers have selected you to order from.
Why would you give some stranger your orders?

How would this even work?
When someone orders from you, you are supposed to turn around and send the information to this stranger, who you are going to trust to do the work and do it right, and send it back to you to send to the buyer?
So that you earn nothing, but get the review, from the stranger’s work?

I got another request to give someone my work free tonight:

How can you help out. I’m totally financially bedridden that I can’t afford this spell but seriously need it in my life


They… have donation sites, I don’t think fiver is the place for that unless its support for materials for your gig… but with no gigs I would not trust it


I was as dumbfounded as you when I saw that spammer’s “request” in my inbox. If a “seller” is going to try to hook me into a – whatever that was – like that, he deserves to fail.


I haven’t gotten them lately, but I used to get these:

“Hello my name is so and so and I’m Mr. So and so’s lawyer. My client has recently passed away and has left all his money (12 million dollars!) for you.
Please email me at blah blah blah how stupid do you think I am hotmail dot com, and we can make some arrangements so you can receive your money.”

Seriously…this idiot.
Thank you for entertaining me for 5 seconds though!


You guys get all the best spam messages! :laughing: The ones that I only received are “Hi, this is (spammer’s name) a woman who lives in (insert country here). I need a friend. Send me a message at (insert e-mail of spammer).” I really don’t remember the exact message that spammer sent me, but I think it’s sort of something like that.


In India we get phone calls every week from scammers telling us that we have won $1 million or something, and only need to give our bank details and stuff so that the money can be wired to us. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people, especially seniors and housewives, who fall for this trick. While Israel has tech start-ups we have scam start-ups…sad but true.


here it is:
**I am pleased to introduce a business opportunity to transfer to your overseas account the sum of(£4.6 Million GBP) Four Million Six Hundred Thousand Great British Pound in one of the Prime Banks here, this is our chance to have this money,this is an urgent deal between me and you and it can be done within the next seven working days, I am Ms Evelyne Tall I am a senior manager in the Eco Bank Senegal,I am also in charge of General Capital Unit of the bank here in Africa, during the course of our auditing ,I discovered a floating fund in an account opened in our bank since 2002 and till date no body has operated on this account for some years now ,after going through some old files in the records I discovered that the owner of the account died long ago without leaving a[Heir/WILL] hence the funds is floating and if I do not remit this money out urgently it will be forfeited for nothing

The owner of this account is ( Engineer Edward Mendez ) a Foreign National, before his death, he was a management consultant here in West Africa and he died since 2008, no other person knows about this account or any thing concerning it, the account has no other beneficiary and my investigation proved to me as well that until his sudden death he was a management consultant, Since I hardly know any foreigner, I am only contacting you as a foreigner to stand and apply as his next of kin because this money can not be approved to a local person here as his next of kin, without valid international foreign passport,

I need your full co-operation to make this work fine because the management is ready to approve this payment to any foreigner who has correct information of this account, which I will give to you upon your positive response and once I am convinced of your capability and assurance that you will never let me down therefore I will present you to my bank as the cousin of Engineer Edward Mendez who is the account owner)

At the conclusion of this project, we may proceed into an investment as equal partners of which you are to guide it as I will resign shortly after the transfer if you may wish or we may share it in a ratio of 45% for you and 55% for me, Regarding moral justification of the fund ,I would not want you to consider this illegal as everything will follow the due process of normal banking transfer,also I am there as an insider in the bank to make sure everything works smoothly

If you had been the victim Certainly you would not be happy having your hard earned fund shared among government as an unclaimed deposit, I believe they are many other aspects of life we may contribute with this fund to help the less privileged and the needy in the society I look forward to your earliest response
Ms Evelyne Tall**

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@emma_graphicz Did you read all that? :sweat_smile: It’s too friggin’ long! :expressionless:


try to read it…

I can’t get my hands on the exact wording as I haven’t had one for a while, however, I hate spam which attempts to pull on the heartstrings.

I’ve had everything from, 'We are and have a tiny budget due to the fact that all our money is spent saving baby emus. For $5 we are looking for…" To, “My wife is dying of stage 2 cancer and I need you to write me a business letter requesting that X business gives me their amazing marketing software for free so that I can make enough money to take us to Mexico for treatment. This letter must convert into an acceptance of my offer and I will pay once I have the software in question.”

That said, in the case of the fake NGO and charity people, it is interesting to see that many of them turn out to be listed as very successful for-profit businesses based in places like Panama. - They’re doing something right.

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I sometimes get sellers asking me to outsource my jobs to them. Pretty standard fare, I say no, they leave me alone.
One though sent me the exact maths of how much I would earn if I outsourced my gigs to him. Dude, the answer is still no, the reason why isn´t that I can´t operate a calculator myself.


I’ve been Selling on Fiverr for over 3 years, I’m receiving several dozens of messages on a daily basis and interact with Buyers from all over the world, but honestly: I’ve never even once received a spam message.

Is it me, or…?

Now I just feel left out!


I hate seeing people feel left out. If you like, I can start forwarding you my spam?


On the second thought, I don’t feel so left out anymore.

I’ve got my cat and all…