Share your first exprience


Hello I am a new seller.I want to know that How much time it took you for your first order???


1,259 years.

That said, does it really matter how long EVERYONE ELSE had to wait in order to earn their first order? You are not everyone else. Focus on setting up eye-catching gigs, and then marketing them to YOUR target customers. What everyone else has is not going to make YOU a better seller.


We have an immortal figure roaming amongst us mortals. :hushed:

It’s nice to see you posting again. :wink:


It really depends on how good you are with your work, there is also a biiiit of luck.
In my case I got my first order in one day. In other cases it can take a few more days, sometimes weeks, or even months.

I will say this though, if you want success you need to be professional AND honest.
Using an image that does not belong to you is a bad step. A VERY bad one.


Indeed. Fiverr was a different place back in 759 A.D. – back when I started as a seller. The Mayan Civilization was dominating Central America. Kings and kingdoms ruled the British Isles. And the Native Americans controlled North America. Good times. Good times.

Oh, to be a seller way back then, back when Fiverr still had that new-site smell. :slight_smile: