Share Your First Order Experience


How did you feel when you had your first order? :slight_smile:
I was overexcited that night; I just created the gig in the afternoon and order came in the night.
I was in the toilet when I received the order, I didn’t know when I ran out, running nowhere in particular, naked! :joy::joy::grin:
My heart was beating faster than normal with the euphoria. It was a night I cannot forget to remember.

What was your experience?


haha that’s awesome. After being on the site for almost 1.5 months with zero sales, I got a random message at around 2am (still don’t know how or why they found me since I wasn’t ranking in searches at all) and barely logged into the site after creating my gigs. I was so excited and offered SUCH a good deal in fear of losing the customer (500 words for 5.00 is super cheap in voiceover land), so I offered to do a 1000 word job for 10.00. I completed it the next day (took like 8 hours haha) and despite after delivering it took them 2 weeks to leave me a review, so I was happy at first but then super impatient because I didn’t even know if they liked it. Turns out they ended up liking it, and it was so weird, after I got that first review, I started getting daily orders out of nowhere.

Things have slowed a bit since then, but since I get usually 10-15 orders a week, it’s enough to stay pretty active on here.

best of luck!


oh That was awesome.
It took 6 months to get my first order.
My first order was cancelled.


6 months? Wow! Were you active on Fiverr all that 6 months?


Lol. That’s very nice. Orders are steady from here too, now.