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Share your "Why I had to cancel" Experiences

One of the most horrible metrics that hurts many users is the “Calls Completed.” Fiverr counts cancellations against you even if it was not your fault and it most cases a cancellation was not your fault.

Please share your crazy stories as to why you had to cancel and order or share your normal cancellation reasons. Please share actual experiences.

The last cancellation was when someone paid $5 and included demands for $250 worth of orders.

Another was when a regular client ordered the same thing three times in a row because he thought it didn’t go through the first two times.

Two cancellations were chargebacks.

4 orders in last 2 months 2 mistakenly placed order
2 order were completed work was done according to discussion with buyer still after showing all proof fiverr customer support cancelled order

the truth is
fiverr is more in favor of buyers than sellers

last night cancelation is order for something that I cannot do, mine is cartoon-style illustration but she want to do graphic design thing, which I didn’t offer at all, and she still insisted that I had to follow her brief :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

then mutual cancelation happen, completion rate down 1% to 89% :expressionless:

My PC are now reporting corruption within my hard drives. RAM is acting up. Those things need a replacement. I had to cancel the order which is due this Saturday so I can change them, reset my PC and reinstall operating system. Sellers agreed to cancel but it definitely affected my completion rate from 100% to 90%.

My last cancellation was the “by mistake” kind, where the buyer purchased an SEO report and told me it was by mistake and wanted a Video-creation gig instead, which is in a totally different category! #nocomment


Last month, buyer orders 20+ articles on a 3-day gig turnaround that doesn’t even match the requirements, then buys the extra fast option to give me less than a day to turn them all around. (Was at work when it came through). I had just gotten rid of November’s mutual cancellation when this buyer came around.

Before that, it was November when a client, who I explicitly told it would take me X amount of time to do something for her orders the extra fast and not enough to cover the word count forcing me to do the work in that timeframe. (I detest manipulation).

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