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Share Your Worst Experience with CS and Your Suggestion

If you are not using the forum to get tips on how to make $1M in 7 days and withdraw same week, how to deal with a$$hole buyers, or how to promote your gig, definitely you’d be looking for tips on how to avoid bad experience either with buyers or customer service. Bad experience could be gig removal without notice or anything else.

You are not invited to call out the name of the person who attended to your request. However, you can share your ugly experience here for other sellers to be aware of them. It is worth reading other people’s experience with the CS before posting your request just to help you avoid stories that touch.

Fiverr is a marketplace for both buyers and sellers, and there should be no favoritism whatsoever.

My ugly experience with CS is when they gave a buyer the chance to go away with my money despite the fact that i presented all the evidences of completed work and previous conversations.

What is your own experience? Can we really call them to order? Without good sellers, fiverr would be nothing. So why making things hard or even supporting buyer to humiliate sellers?

My ugly experience with CS is when they gave a buyer the chance to go away with my money despite the fact that i presented all the evidences of completed work and previous conversations.

I am totally agree with you . Without any types of sellers, fiverr would be nothing.

*********So why making things hard or even supporting buyer to humiliate sellers???

My question with all due respect to Fiverr

I never had any issues ith CS. Sorry to hear about yours. There are scammer buyers out there but there are also plenty of scammer sellers out there.

I never had problems with CS either and whenever I needed help from them it was answered promptly and in a friendly manner. I had one Gig suspended in the past, but I had to admit that it was a bit against the regulations. I also had problems with a couple of buyers and it was quickly resolved and fairly.

I’ve had amazing experiences with customer support. I want to say thank you to them. They don’t do what I hope for every time I ask but 9 out of 10 times they assist me perfectly. They are really excellent in general. A few times in the past I even got Ryan, who was a saint. Julia and Dan have helped me out of problems above and beyond the call of duty, Val, all of them really. I know I’m a pain to them but they are always nice.

My experience with customer support has been great in 90% of the cases. I don’t think there is a better customer support on the internet at the moment, when given the circumstances that they need to serve so many buyers and sellers. Keep up with the good work.

I like it when there is a bug and the customer support person is able to immediately place HOT FIX on it to correct it such as when the response rate malfunctions and they immediately fix it. Dan is good about this.

I haven’t really ever had a problem with Customer Service, they’ve always been helpful for me. On the other hand, problematic buyers trying to scam me will have a less sunny view.

Whenever I had any kind of problem or needed guidance I’ve found Customer Support to be amazing.

I think over the past year I’ve issued 20 tickets for various reasons and always had the problem fixed in the next reply or two.

I found them to presently be extremely fast in replying. If a few months back I was getting an answer from them in 1-2 days in the recent past they’ve been answering in less than 1 hour. I find this truly impressive.


Impressive comments coming from all angles. Truly, the response time has been improved, and we don’t have to wait so long like before. However, i still want them to take sellers seriously just the way they do for buyers.

I think you just have to accept that famous quote “the customer is always right”. I’ve accepted it long time ago. In the majority of cases Fiverr will take buyer’s side and that has to be understandable. Don’t think that I’ve never got burned by scammy buyers, I’ve lost hundreds of dollars, but it is what it is.

Don’t expect Fiverr “to take sellers seriously just the way they do for buyers”. We are goods/products/services and Fiverr is selling us to buyers, they are giving the money, so that gives them an advantage and if something dramatic doesn’t happen they will return their money in most of the cases when there is a dispute like yours.

Let’s say Fiverr is a busy famous restaurant and is selling tons of different meals, dishes and deserts. Some customer comes and orders a chocolate cake.

The restaurant serves him the standard chocolate cake with the standard recipe (eggs, cacao, sugar etc.) prepared by their chef. The customer says that this is not what he was looking for and that the cake has awful taste and that he wouldn’t pay for it because he doesn’t like it.

The restaurant will not want to make a scene, risk reputation and argue over ultra tiny portion of its daily revenue and will not charge the customer. (although the evidence is there, the cake was served, the chief made it with the same ingredients, the customer ate half of it etc.).

I mean you get what I’m trying to say. Although, to be fair, there were many cases were customer support supported sellers, instead of buyers. Sorry that in your case you suffered.

I’ve had CS on my side. I think they may get used to dealing with the bad sellers here and there are lots of legitimate complaints in that regard, but there are plenty of times when they side with sellers against buyers. They can see quickly if it’s a bad seller or a bad buyer.

Yeah me 2. But I was talking about the majority of cases.

lol I was just making a metaphor. Nice articles, but my favorite response from an owner was on Facebook (I can’t find the review). I will try tell the story here.

So a customer leaves a 1 star review saying that a certain London bar/club is horrible, that the staff and owner treated him like garbage, that they threw him and his friends out of the club when they just wanted to have a good night out and have a few drinks. He said bunch offensive stuff as well.

And after some time the owner responds with the true story. That particular person entered the bar with his friends drunk. He demanded the best table that was already reserved. When the staff couldn’t deal with him, the owner came in and try to settle the situation. They got in some kind of argument, and this reviewer actually cursed the owner and his wife and kids, screaming like this place is horrible, do you know how I am?!?! He then broke a glass and continued dancing and being wild, harassing girls around. The owner then called security and they threw them out without any fuss at all.

This dude later didn’t actually deny his action and in a reply said that he just wanted to have fun and the owner didn’t enable him that (?!?!?!)

I guess he just wanted to ruin the reputation of the bar because he tried to get something that was not possible and didn’t actually think that the owner or the staff could reply to his review.

Some people are so…

Great contribution!

I have not had any bad experience, I pray not, but CS has been ok in a few issues I have had. However, as long as a seller stays within TOS, I feel its wrong to do otherwise when a seller has all the fact favoring him or her. Without sellers, fiverr won’t be fiverr and ditto buyers, so CS needs to maintain fairness at all times to keep the fire burning, positively.