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Sharing about your First, Second or Other Order or Review? [Older Shares - Closed]


Would you like to share your news about getting your first order, your second order, your first positive review, or anything similar?

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If you start a new thread anywhere but My Fiverr Gigs about first orders/reviews or any other order/review announcement, it may be moved, merged or removed. Instead, post it:

I am giddy :dizzy:, happy :laughing: and celebrating :tada:!
I have become level 1 seller
Great Experience
Successfully completed First Order in My Fiver Career

I just saw my profile, today I completed 1000 order, maintained 100% quality and 5 star ratings :slight_smile:


Congratulation! Keep up good work, Fiverr really need great sellers. I really hope that one day, I will be able to write this. :slight_smile:


Thanks, sure you will do it…


You are a great motivation. Congratulations. I have just completed one order


Confetti Partyyyyy

Good Job! :tropical_drink:

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I have completed 11 order, 5* rating, 1 month+
but didn’t get 1 level :frowning:


Congratulation, keep it up… can I ask how much money you made for these 1000 orders?


No because that’s very nosey!

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I would like to know as well :nose:



Thanks… I earned around 10k $


don’t worry, you have one more month to achieve L1 and you just have do 5 more orders… Best of Luck!!!

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many cong…mine gonna be 700 soon ,wish me luck :slight_smile:

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Love it! Congrats, those are great numbers.

The first 1,000 is the hardest, assuming we keep growing and refining our businesses. (It never stops…) And I’ll bet you have a decent set of repeat clients.

Again… Thanks for sharing.

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Best of Luck!!! Just work hard you will achieve it soon.

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Party krni hai…Party kren gy…
Kisi k b PAPA se na drain gy…

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Congratulation My Dear…
I checked my profile too. it was 1013 orders and I do have 100% rating with 5 stars :slight_smile:

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That’s great…Congrats


Congratulations keep up the good work.

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Thank You Dear … I will keep doing it.

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