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Sharing behance profile legal?


Hi there :slight_smile:

I have one question:

Is it legal to share my profile on fiverr ? in “ABOUT ME” … because there people can see my full portfolio and some work in progeress … Offcourse i would not accept any projects because i work exclusively on

Hmm… ?


No, you can only share a Flickr or YouTube link. These are the only two that Customer Service has noted are allowed. You can still contact Customer Service directly and asking them. I have heard of them making exceptions from time to time, just provide your link and explain to them why you’d like to include it. However, if it has the ability to contact you outside of Fiverr, it will likely be unapproved.

Note: Fiverr gives Sellers have the ability to upload their several pieces of their work in each Gig portfolio too - they have expanded on this feature recently as well. I would make sure you’re utilizing all of these provided features before contacting Customer Service.


Bah :frowning: okay, then i will make Flickr … Even Behance is much better …


Funny, I just saw today a seller with her Behance link in the About section.


i think you can’t


Well i will ask support, because i still think that they have best system for showing portfolio and work in progress. But if they dont allowe it , its Okay :smiley: im still happy! :slight_smile: