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Sharing contact no

One of the potential buyer would like to talk with me on phone and not willing to type all requirements. How to fulfill his demand?

Fiverr customer Support told me to offer sharing contact no. in your gigs description after ordering one gig and share it via order messaging.

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Outside contact is not allowed. If you asked support and they declined your request you should respect it. Tell your buyer it’s against TOS.

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They give me one way by offering contact no. sharing at fiverr gig description like:

You don’t have to put this into your gig description. Once when you start communication with your buyer and if they ask for your personal contact info you can point to the Fiverr TOS.

It is not to your advantage to discuss jobs on the phone with buyers.

You need to have all your conversations in writing so that if there is any disagreement you can prove to customer support what you said.

A thing to consider: do you really want to give your personal phone number to random strangers on the internet?


Agreed. You can ask Customer Support if you can add a Skype chat option which can be saved in writing. Skype phone calls (recorded) might work. To the OP, though, you cannot offer Skype to buyers without permission. If Fiverr says no, it’s no.

This happens to me quite often. As stated above. The best advice is to simply tell them it’s against the rules. Yes, it’s annoying to write all their requirements out, but it’s a small price to pay for the steal of a deal they are getting with services here on Fiverr!


And besides… by telling them it’s against the rules, this saves YOU time! You don’t want to spend hours of your time scheduling a time and talking on the phone. You’re time is precious. Make them write concise directions and requirements that you can read on your time and schedule. You can blame Fiverr as the bad guy… but in reality, this is a great rule for seller!

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