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i personally don’t like to share my contact in fiverr customer, because it againts fiverr rule. but sometime i need to share my contact to my customer because i gave them warranty about error that might happen suddenly. my gig was about web development, sometime after system run well, in some case their web suddenly off. it can be many thing, like storage has been full, wrong database connection. since it was information system, then i must fix those asap.

i ever have client that nearly fire by his boss, if he cannot fix the issued in 1 hours, luckily i still wake up and still being check my fiverr account. imagine if i am not checking my phone, my customer would be fired. in that case, phone and personal contact was needed and crucial. except fiverr gave their android apps and microsoft store apps ability to contact or calling like whatsapp or telegram so in any case, if we need to fix asap, then it doesn’t need personal contacts.

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As you’ve mentioned sharing contact details is against Fiverr’s terms of service, and as such you shouldn’t do it.

You can ask customer support for permission, but I think it’s unlikely they’d agreed to it given your reasons.

Do you have Fiverr app on your phone? It sends you notifications for your messages in real time so I don’t see the need of sharing any other contact information, but if you decide to do so be aware you’re breaching fiverr’s tos and could have your account banned.


i know it but the problem actually, supposed the error happen, and i still sleep, if it just ping or something like that, then i will not wake up. again its crucial software that handle customer business process.

You can’t offer a warranty that lasts more than 30 days (including the time you worked on the project), so it’s very unlikely that this will be an issue for you. Furthermore, there is no way around Fiverr’s policy. Maybe you just shouldn’t offer the warranty since you feel as if Fiverr’s policy keeps you from fulfilling it.

i gave him warranty for 1 weeks. and yes at the in 4 days, my customer made mistake by faulty set wrong setting. and he was nearly fire by his boss. luckily i woke up that moment. imagine little bing or ping will not wake me up when i have a deep sleep.

perhaps , all i ask actually just big boom or vibrate phone and sound loudly. just like simple fake call like whatsapps to wake me up.

for other freelancer maybe it was no need at all, but for me, since i was programmer that create my customer business information system. halt system for only 1 hour mean loss a bunch of money.

and yes, most of them love me because i was available when crucial time happens. i even rejected when my customer ask to pay outside fiverr, i respect it, but also need to keep my customer feel save.

I see what you’re saying as far as the notifications. It’s a valid app suggestion, though I’m not nearly into the niche enough to know how one would make that happen. Maybe you could find a way to do a custom sound for your app.

I do feel, though, as if the need for you to respond within an hour is a lot to ask of someone, and I don’t think you should have to wake up in the dead of night to do something immediately. Within 24 hours, sure. But 1 hour is way too dire. I’d communicate such to your clients as well.

oh i dont’ mind wake up at middle of the night, its actually dead night right now :D, i even can keep woke up till morning, since its i want it to be my full time job. and because of my availability, my customer love me.

imagine you have a business, that run by my software, all the data up there, including your employee salary , bonus , etc and suddenly at the time of payday, you system crash, you know what you gonna do, contact the programmer asap or there will be a several employee got demonstrate.

i even make hospital information system for a doctor who have to save the medical record of the patient. then suddenly all the system get down and he cannot access their medical record. what would happen ? contact the programmer off course.

usually it just simple mistake like, accidently change the settings, hard drive full of cache or simply network or web host not yet paid.

let jsut hope some one make it happen, loud and clear like call notification. not just simple ping or beep.

If you’re serious about freelancing fulltime you should really reconsider this approach. It’s not health nor productive.

You’re setting a dangerous precedent by being available 24/7. What happens when you’re not? Your clients don’t need to love you (most likely they don’t), but they need to respect you as a professional.

If they want you to be available, they should pay you for your time.

Let’s hope not! That would have a backslash from the community as it would be going against what most of us (I believe) want, which is to set office hours and let it clear for buyers that we need our own time away from work.

But anyway…that’s the beauty of freelancing: We all get to set our own terms.

I believe you could set something up with IFTTT (

If {fiverr notification} then {call me}

Good luck with that

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