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Sharing contacts details

I want to know I shared my contact details with seller because I want to know the requirements of my projects. I want to know is it okay to share contacts

I suggest you read the Fiverr terms of service, which you will find here:

Short answer: no, it’s not ok to share your contact details with the seller unless absolutely necessary as part of the order. If it is necessary, then they should be shared only on the order page.


But I shared in privnot. In conversation.

Then, if there’s any problem with the order and it gets examined by Trust and Safety team, you will at the very least get a warning … or possibly banned.

Don’t do it.


Hi @bilalsharif783

The answer is still no.
You can’t share any contact/email with other on Fiverr.
You only able to discuss your project with seller only by message inside Fiverr.

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