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Sharing email id

I am facing a problem. My buyer is asking me to share my email id with her. As far as I know it is against the TOS. I will work in WordPress. Is there any other option?
What should I do?


You can’t share anything personal

Do you have any idea on how can I proceed?

You can as long as it only pertains to the job you are doing, such as a Wordpress login. You need to share the email on the order page and it needs to be clear from the conversation that it’s being used to do the job, not to contact each other offsite. Here’s the exact quote from the TOS


Thanks a bunch. I will convey this message to my buyer.:heart:

As a seller, do you need to share your email to gain access to their wordpress site? Can’t they just give you the info to log in?

Yes, I know that’s suppose to be the case. But they have separate accounts for each of us for their work.

Open a temp email at mailinator. Only share this type of info on the order page.

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Thanks for your suggesstion.
My job will take more than 30 days and there are a good number of images. I am going with gmail.:blush: