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Sharing email to access dialogflow

My client is asking my email to give me access to the doalogflow project that he has. How to resolve this issue since fiverr will not permit me to share email ?

Can it (the project/agent?) be exported so you can import it into your account (so you can work on it) without needing to share contact details? Maybe ask if the client can export it.

Can your client give you login details?

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Discuss this messages through order page and also let inform CS,that this is required for your order/project. Fiverr will allow this only for your order purpose and also in order page.

Best possible solution (Can only be done from Client Side)

  1. Ask him to create a team member account with some convinient user credentials.
  2. Share that particular user credential with you so that you can access his dialog flow.
  3. For security purpose you can ask client to initially assign basic role to the new dummy user.

I hope this can help.