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Sharing email with clients for project purposes

Hi everyone!

Can I share my email with the buyer as its part of my project, I know it’s against the Fiverr TOS. But what should I do now?


i remember that if this is involve in your buyer project you can do this, no problem , but this is a little confusion here from my site you need to contact your senior person for this help

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Yeah, it’s very confusing to me. That’s why I came across to forum.

stay forum some time i hope that you find the right answer from here because here has so many freelancer they are most experience and also proper knowledge about fiverr

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Yes, it is possible to share your Email with buyer if it is the part of the project.
You can ask Email from Buyer’s or share your Email with buyer’s in the Buyer Requirements or in the Order Page (after placing the order) by writing a brief description about why you asking for Email or sharing your Email. I hope it works.

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Thank you so much. I hope that will work.