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I’m a seller in fiverr till 2016. Its a great journey. Yes, I’m from KaruZone.
When I started my journey, It’s quite hard to get a job. after struggle more that 1.6 years finally I got my first job.

Its like my dreams come true. After that I never look back. But every day new challenge , new learning.
different clients & different mentality. But I can manage all.
That time I only support Logo design. But now I expand to all kind of branding design services. My clients are happy. They are really so supportive.

At that moment 2020 comes. from March lockdown happens. Orders are going down. I was in stress how to manage my team. Because they all depends on me. But some how I manage to figure it out. But in the year 2020 I learn a lot. I invest more time in learning how to improve my skill. How to manage my profile in a better way.

In that time I feel someone give me a Kick an let me understand that, your business is only yours. you have to work hard for that. Never stop. always run beyond your capability. then success will follow you.


Believe in God, Great things take time,


Thank you,