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Sharing Fiverr account with my partner

Hello, I have this fiverr account but I’m not always there to bid for jobs and communicate to clients if needed to. My wife stays at home and she has better skills than I have.

Is it okay to for her to be responding to clients via this account when I’m not around, or what do I need to do so that we can share the account together and not getting banned by fiverr

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you can use fiverr app that will be always with you, by fiverr mobile app you can bid for job and communicate with the client .


It’s fine for you to do this. There’s nothing in the TOS that says that a Fiverr account can’t consist of more than one person. It’s what we do; we’re a couple and we live together, but we also both offer Voice Over services. When we started, we knew that by having 2 separate accounts running off of the same IP, and offering essentially the same service, we would risk losing our accounts, so we pooled them into one and honestly it’s made the business so much better for us.

Do you have a ‘brand name’ for your account? For example, our’s is Cubitt Audio. You could always sign off your messages with your brand name rather than getting bogged down in which of you is typing the message?

Good luck!


My husband used to have an account on here - but it was risky us having two accounts in the same home. So he’s put his on holiday mode for the next two years.

We’re looking at how to combine his services into my account, but at the moment we’re happy just running mine.

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It’s a pretty baffling policy when you think about it. I understand that Fiverr do this to avoid fraud, but there must be a better solution than simply saying “two people from the same location/IP address can’t have an account”. In your example, your husband could be happily working away and generating more income for Fiverr, but has chosen not to in case you both lose your accounts. It just all seems a bit counterintuitive to me.


It also seems like this policy is sort of subjective. Technically a male voice and a female voice ARE two different services, but your account might be shut down anyway for being too similar. I’m not really sure where they draw the line.


With 1,200 reviews the account isn’t worth blowing up - we might need to restart it at some point.

He’s an audio producer so we can offer a lot of services ‘all in one’…but we’ve managed to do a lot of this within my account regardless, despite ‘starting again’ a little over a year ago.

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I’ve always interpreted this rule (and who knows, I could be WAY off the mark…) as ‘you’re not allowed to have two gigs offering identical services’, and I figured it was to stop the influx of people who have been instructed that the key to Fiverr success is to max out your gig allowance. There are videos on YouTube (some with millions of views) that say that if you offer Wordpress Fixing as a service for example, your first job should be to make 7 gigs all offering Wordpress Fixing, to give you 7 x the chance of appearing in search.

If this is the case, I get why they enforce this. The search results are already bogged down without each new seller duplicating their gig x 7. And you can see it happening, almost all of the sellers who post a “I can’t get any sales, what should I do?” post in the forum have 7 gigs, all pretty much identical. It’s a mess.

But I think if you can prove that there’s a genuine reason for the difference (gender and usage in our case) it should be allowed. It’s not spammy to offer a VO gig for general commercial use, and another for Podcast Intros, and another for Voicemails… It’s entrepreneurial, and helps position you better in the search, making the experience better for the buyer.

But, ya know… it’s Fiverr so who knows!? :slightly_smiling_face:


Good grief, doesn’t that just sum up the bane of our existence :joy:

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My rule of thumb is ‘what is the buyer searching for?’…it’s unlikely Fiverr gets many searches for ‘voice over’…but probably hundreds for ‘Female Voice Over’…

Then when you drill down a bit more, they’re actually probably searching for ‘podcast intro voice over’, ‘voice mail voice over’…

It’s not spammy, it’s getting in front of those detailed searches - that’s where the value is as a seller, not worrying about an algorithm.