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Sharing Gig on social media platforms

Why I am unable to share my Gig on LinkedIn? whenever I click “share” from my dashboard, LinkedIn window pop-ups and says “something went wrong”
This happens every time. Please help


I am also facing same problem you copy the link and then post it using separate window

Yah, but we need to create a separate post for that.

I am also facing same problem its happening not only chrome in other servers too. Maybe some restriction from linkdin or bug from fiverr waiting for fix

I’ve got the same problem. Tried from different PCs, browsers, even from phones, all have the same problem the other posters have. What is the solution? Thanks for any help in adv.

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Hi DilipKumar,
I also face the same issue. I searched a lot on it. The only way to share our gig is by creating a separate post.

If anybody else knows some other solution, please let us know.
Any help is appreciated.