Sharing image downlaod link in offer


I regularly send offer responding to BR. Can I give a image download link (from drive/dropbox etc…) with my request text ? Does this violate fiverr’s TOS?
Sorry if I’ve failed to choose the right category to ask the question.



@thevedas26 I wanted you to get some kind of answer, so I’ll give this a stab. I think that it might not be a good idea to send a download link with offers to Buyer’s Requests. I am not 100% sure that it actually violates the rules, I’ve never thought about it, but I would send a ticket to and ask.

I think that it might not be a good idea because links, in general, are pretty iff in Fiverr communications unless they are directly related to delivery. A download link is not on the list of approved URL’s that can be used in gig descriptions, so it might also be an issue in orders. I wouldn’t do it unless you get the OK from Support first. Instead, I would suggest that you ask the buyer to contact you by message and then you can attach your image via the usual method.


Thanks for your answer. Sometime I find some request which task can be done only in 2/3 minutes. If I do the job and upload the work (uncompleted) and give them the download link as an example, I think this will be a good idea. But if it is against the TOS of fiverr, I am not interested at all to do so.