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Sharing links in order page

After getting an order, Can I share my website links(to buyer) on the order page of Fiverr?

NO. You are not allowed to share off site contact. Why are you wanting to send the buyer or prospective buyer a link to your site?


It would be easy for me(for this specific project) if I had the opportunity to share links. And I was wondering if it is possible to share even after getting an order.
Thanks for your response.

Ok, but, you didn’t answer WHY you would need to share links to your site? Are you trying to send a potential buyer from Fiverr to your site to view your portfolio? If so, then there are other allowed ways to do this. You would have to search the forum for that or ask here on the forum and someone who is in that particular niche may be able to guide you.

On your site, is there a way to order from you there - if so, that is where the problem comes in when one wants to share off-site contact. Fiverr is quite protective of their traffic/buyers, and are not too keen on us sellers leading them away from this platform to make money without Fiverr getting their cut.


I actually got the order . I am working on a website. So, now the buyer wants to see what I have done before publishing it in his site. It’s not possible to judge a website only by viewing photo.So, I wanted to upload the files on my website to showcase the buyer. How can I do it without violating fiverr rules?
And I am doing everything on the order page of fiverr. And I am not going anywhere outside fiverr for other reasons.

Got it!

Someone else may be able to chime in here, but, I believe there is a caveat that if an order you are working on or delivering needs off site communication or in this case, seeing what you are working on, that is allowed. You can do a forum search for “off site contact to show work” perhaps to see what comes up, but, I think you would be OK to share the link of what you have done for the buyer in an uploaded document (I would avoid listing your site in the messaging, as it will probably be flagged) so your buyer can see what you have done.

When in doubt though, always contact Customer Service and ask.


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Great Tips! It’ll help me definitely. Thank you so much .

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