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Sharing my awful experience as a buyer


I came to this site because I needed a kindle book cover. That was more than two months ago. After 4 catastrophic experiences, I’m stuck with refunded money I can only re-use on the site and a cover I still haven’t managed to get.
First order: never delivered, I sent lots of messages that were never answered, I cancelled few weeks later.
Second order: The seller delivered. I googled the image he used and found it belonged to a trademark, impossible to use.
Third order: I anticipated the picture thing, talked a lot with the seller beforehand and ordered. There she asked me to choose 3 to 4 pictures from a paying website (30-40 euros per pic!). Even when I said one pic would be enough, she insisted that she would need 3-4. I cancelled.
Fourth order. I chose a free to use picture, ordered the front cover only first(basic option), got delivered quickly and was satisfied with the result. I therefore went for the slide and back cover (premium option) with the same seller and there I was delivered something that didn´t fullfill the only single requirement I had (having the author name on the side with the title), I asked a revision, sent messages along the weeks, never had an answer and finally cancelled.
Today, I asked a seller if he could re-create the same front cover and do the side and back. He refused as I couldn´t send him the source file. (knowing it was just putting the title and author name on a pic).

For 50 euros, I see that “unlimited revisions” is used in the gig descriptions but not respected. Requirements are not even followed. I had the author name confused with the username. Legally protected pictures used. Sellers not answering messages (but still delivering others!).

I guess I should have looked at the customer reviews… Well, everybody is a five-star seller.


I hope you reported those who simply didnt respond or who delivered a trademarked image.
It is likely that some buyers were not as thorough as you were and accepted what was delivered, hence the reviews.
Note that you can request your $50 to be refunded to your payment source by contacting customer support. Non automatic refunding to source is a feature which is FOR buyers and is to ensure people who cancel and get refunded don’t have to pay multiple processing fees if they choose to order again.

While I believe that people SHOULD deliver what they offer at the price offered, $/€50 does seem quite low for a 3-part book cover. Not my area of expertise but I would have imagined it should cost at least several times that. It may be that only certain quality of sellers offer the service at that price as overall, from what you have said, it seems like you did most things right in attempting to make a purchase.


I am really sorry to hear what happened to you on Fiverr.

It will be a good idea also to look at how long they have been selling on Fiverr. Most low priced sellers come here to make a quick buck. When their account get suspended, they come again with another name. The problem is Fiverr doesn’t verify the users as others do. So they can easily come back with another fake account.


Sorry for your experience. You should have never had to go through that. I write, and people come to me all the time having had bad experiences like yours. It is unfortunate. In a marketplace like this, think farmers market, you will find some sour apples in the bunch. A book cover should not be so complicated. I can recommend an awesome designer of book covers who has done a couple of mine. Message me.


Thanks for this info on the refund! I didn’t know. I’m anyway going to keep searching as I need a cover for my ebook. If I end up having no one capable of doing it, I’ll do ask the refund on my payment source.
I’ll disagree on the value of this work. I think 50 euros is a lot for what has to be done. Here, I already have the picture to use. The work is to put the title, the author name and the text on the back, adapt the side size to the number of pages (no seller actually asked about it). I think it´s a two hour job top. Correct me if I’m wrong, I might underevaluate the time it needs. I personnaly get paid 6€/hour on my week job, ask 10€/hour on private individual French classes I teach on the side (with preparation and transportation time, it comes to a 6€/hour too). And I do work every minute of these hours. 50€ for what I got is a scam.


If it’s a Kindle ebook, why would it matter how many pages there are please? I’m just curious!


I agree, Fiverr does not check. People show amazing works on their portfolios and are way far from being able to do a simple work. I can only guess they show works that are not theirs.


Sorry, I forgot to mention I would put it for printable version too.


Ok, from what you have said, it does sound like a fairly straight forward job if there is no real graphic design required.
Of course, different jobs have different values and not everyone is paid the same hourly rate.


I’m sorry but 50 Euros isn’t a lot for an ebook cover. I make my own e-book covers (I do not offer this service) and I always spend at least 2-days going over designs before destroying them and starting all over.

You say that you just need text adding to an image you already have. What if the color and brightness of your image makes text unreadable? What font are you using? Are you expecting filters and shadows to be added to images and text to make text stand out, be readable, and match the theme of your book itself? Also, is your image actually scalable to the aspect ratio required by e-book readers?

As a rule, problems you seem to be experiencing come about due to buyers not understanding the nature of the work they need doing. This and buyers being limited by their budget to budget sellers.

Since things have so far not worked out well for you, you might want to consider using online tools like Canva to create your own book cover. (Since these are easy and can be used freely to a large extent).


It is for both, one for Kindle book, another for CreateSpace. Some authors directly try to upload to Kindle and mess up the print version.


As I said above, I have no expertise in this area but what you have said makes a lot of sense.



I don’t do covers, my gigs are all about eBooks. I charge around $25 to convert books for Kindle and that is without using conversion software. It will take about 6 hours for me to convert an average novel to ePub/Mobi. Still buyers think it is expensive. I understand cover designing is a creative thing. But average looking covers don’t cost that much. There are services providing both eBook conversion and a free cover for jusr $45.


Just because you dramatically undercharge for your service, does not mean everyone should.


I am actually a buyer and just recently become a seller. I choose the book/ebook cover design category for my gigs. The thickness is required for CreateSpace and I also wonder why many sellers do not ask for it. If you are still looking for a cover, you can check out my gig. My style is mostly, clean, flat design.

I am a new seller but I have been designing covers mostly for software box shots using a desktop software that we developed in-house since 2012. However today I am using Photoshop only.

For the seller who asked to pick 3-4 images, she will most likely choose 1 from your selection. In case you don’t like the image, she could use the next one.

As for sellers not answering messages, I think you can check the “Avg. Response Time” on their profile on the right hand side. Good sellers always try to improve this.


I am not undercharging, that’s how the prices are now. Thats how supply demand works. Too many sellers are offering the same thing, author’s don’t know the differences/advantages/disadvantages between books converted using software and converted manually using HTML/CSS. I have to (adapt) lower my price to survive or die. When they realize the difference they keep coming back to me. And we have to keep in mind the type of buyers that come to Fiverr. Anything for $5, that’s type of impression they give on the Fiverr advertisements. So buyers usually come here expecting a very low price.


You are making the mistake of thinking that what you do is the same as what those who use software do. It isnt (judging from what you say).
It sounds like you need to work on your sales/marketing communication, in particular your gig description.

Is there a big difference between manual and software work? I don’t know.
Looking at your paused gig, I see that you repeatedly say that what you do is manual but there is no explanation as to why that is important. As a buyer, I would have no reason to think it is important.

I disagree, I regularly have clients who are prepared to pay for a high quality service. The reason I get them is because I communicate the value to them.


Sorry, but that is bull. I was paid $450 in January for 1 x book to e-book conversion and that price was considerably lower than the price quoted to the buyer by the publisher of their print book.

Get your head out of the low price clouds. They’re toxic.


What advertisements?


I believe the ads in question might pertain to Fiverr’s little known ‘Poor’ marketing campaign. - It launched briefly prior to Fiverr discovering the letter D.


Note: Everything I just wrote is complete nonsense.