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Sharing my profile link to my friends

Is it OK if I share my Fiverr profile link to my friends? Can you guys help me to know If there is any restriction of sharing fiverr profile link or it’s OK to share?

Kind Regards

Sure, you can share your gig link to your friends, but are you friends going to be your customers that need your services?

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You also need marketing your gig.

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No, they won’t be my customer. They want to be a freelancer. But they don’t trust that I earn working from a market. That’s why, if it’s ok to Share my Fiver Profile link directly without the gig link … @jonbaas

Yes. I share my gig link in social media. But my question is to Share my Profile link directly, if there is any restriction, I won’t share @raihanmahmud732

No, there is no restriction.

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Thank you for your answer brother.

You welcome. I hope you will be a successful freelancer on

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well sir there is no problem infact you can share you gigs on social media llike.
google plus
and also whatsapp

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there have no problem
you can share you gigs on facebook, whatsapp, google plus, twitter

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Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: