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Sharing of a External URL

Can I share the URL of the news source with the client on his/her demand?


Please see: Fiverr Help and Education Center

If that’s not what you’re asking, then you’ll need to elaborate.

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my client wants me to write an article by using some external news sources and he also wants me to share the URL sources of the websites which i shall use like the website of BBC CBC?. can i share those sources with him?

That sounds like homework. It might not be, but that’s the first impression I get. Academic work is against the ToS, and can get you banned.

Most articles cite their sources, though, that’s just good practice to maintain reliability and credibility. You should already know this, if you’re a writer.

The client has not mentioned anything which can illustrate that this task is an homework.

i think you can share, if it’s not contain any personal communication information or payment method outside of the fiverr.

no bro…you can share link on notepad

I say no. But If it’s need for project purpose then you can do it.