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Hey there Fiverr people, Word and Record here :slight_smile:

We simply wish to share with the community our recent success story published by fiverr not too long ago:

We also wish to highlight here a few of the important tips wthat were mentioned in the article :slight_smile:

Tips for New Sellers

The best advice we can give to new sellers is approach every project with a positive vibe. Treat the client like, and even better than, you would like to be treated. Always put yourself in his or her shoes. This allows you to truly be genuine in your response. We also give tons of bonuses to our clients (discounts, free character creations, free background music, etc.), simply to keep the client happy every time. Doing these things has helped us create strong relationships with our buyers, who keep returning to us for more work. It is also how we have maintained 100 percent customer satisfaction and our five-star rating.

Hope you guys can benefit from this as much as we did :slight_smile:



Congratulations on your excellent ratings. Yesterday only I read your story in the blog. It was awesome. I myself joined fiverr so that I can work and travel around the world. I even stumbled upon fiverr after reading a travel blog and now I am proud to say that my gigs generate enough revenue for flashpacking across budget destinations. I am glad that both of you are able to fulfill your travel dreams while working as digital nomads :slight_smile:


Amazing…its very helpful.



This is important tip.




Had just got 2 orders since I joined… Yet, I check my analysis and notice I get more clicks on my gigs…What could be wrong?


Your questions have been answered in the forum thread that you started. You do not need to copy and paste this into multiple forums.


Thank you so much !
Really encouraging to hear kind words :slight_smile:



its nice journey, Congo for that. :slight_smile: