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Sharing Profile Link in Private Message in Fiverr?

Dear Friends, Can I share my Friend’s Fiverr Account link with my clients on Fiverr using the same IP? Is there any restrictions by Fiverr for sharing profile link in private message?

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I also wanna know this. Waiting to see others comments.


Do not send random messages to clients especially for advertising links. This will be viewed as spam and you will likely receive a warning as a result.

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Hi naveedazure,
I don’t think so it will be good because client is contacting us on the behalf of their work. Sending them extra things can be cause trouble to your selling with your client or any other as it may irritate them. So just try to communicate only when it is required (about your order).
However you can send them their need(Your Friends Account) if they want , just offer them that if you want trustful person any other so I know and tell them…
While working just keep that in your mind that you are helping people not selling anything to them…

Laraib Ayaz