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Sharing social media details


I have just paid someone to market my book. They are now requesting my IG and FB username and passwords so they can do so. Is this usual and safe to do?

Of course it’s not safe. Why cant they promote your book with their account?


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I agree, not safe. What led you to pick this particular seller?


Er, she said she could market the book? :grinning:

The info was requested after the order was placed. First time doing this sort of thing, but it didn’t seem right to me. I didn’t send it. She’s not still asking, though. We’ll see what transpires.

Thanks for the replies.

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Doesn’t seem right to me either.
How many questions did you ask about the process? Was market research part of the purchase? Did you provide a buyer persona, or was that part of the marketing research package you purchased? Were IG and FB the only platforms offered or asked for? How long is this campaign suppose to last? Is this your first book, or do you already have a brand page established? Is the book already on the market, or was this suppose to build anticipation for its release?

Did the seller ask you any of these questions? (Were the answers in your brief?)

Seems rather sketchy to me too. What do they intend to do in your FB that they could not give you to paste in yourself?

They said they could is a pretty optimistic or thin reason to hire someone who needs serious skills to achieve anything in this most challenging of arenas. I say this as a Musician and with a Book (that sunk).


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It’s a five-day campaign. I’ll report back :slightly_smiling_face:

I keep being baffled (or maybe not so much at this point) that Fiverr sellers offering Facebook marketing have no clue about Facebook Business Manager accounts. There is absolutely no need to ever ask for a password to a Facebook account to do marketing. You were right to refuse.