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Sharing some thoughts about the new Fiverr implementations

Mmmm, no I didn’t. When you check the Top Rated Seller checkbox, it will show only Top Rated Sellers. When you choose delivery 1day, it will show only gigs with 1 day delivery time.

So I understood it very well :).

And I think your are not right… People will always check the checkbox next to Top rated sellers and this will leave only Top Rated Sellers in the results, filtering out all the other sellers.

Or maybe not. At least, this is what I think will happen :). I mean, why buyers will not want to see the gigs of the Top Rated Sellers? After all, they are searching for quality services :).

Reply to @wadsolutions:

No, you got it wrong. See attached picture for proof.

I’ve marked the 3 out of 16 non-TRS leveled sellers who are in the top rating.

Also this is not a new feature, actually. It’s existed since V 1.0

So yes, I stand by my years of experience.

DUDE, the image in the graphics that someone posted for you also has 4 out of 9 who are NOT TRS’s … LOL


@anarchofighter Yeah… I’m not talking about the green horizontal filter :). I’m talking about the vertical one :).

  1. The screenshot wingle attached is without the filter in use. Can you see that nothing is selected on the left column (vertical filtering, not the green horizontal filtering)? All of the checkboxes are empty.
  2. As you can see on his screenshot, there is a filter on left and 3 columns of gigs on the right. What you are showing has nothing to do with his screenshot. The filtering system (visible on wingle’s screenshot) is on the left (vertical) and it is visible in the categories, but not on the homepage. Is your screenshot taken from the homepage of Because it looks like it and there is no vertical filtering system on the home page.

    Can you please take a look at my attachment. I have a feeling that we are talking about 2 completely different things. This is how I and wingle see the categories. Can you please go to any category and check if you have a left column with a vertical filter like on the screenshot?

    And yes, I’m NOT talking about the horizontal filtering “Recommended”, “High Rating” … I’m talking about the vertical filtering inside the categories :). Just to clarify one more time.


Now I read your comment on your screenshot and I’m sure we are talking about two completely different things :slight_smile:

@anarchofighter check this screenshot I just took on one of the categories. I selected the Top Rated Sellers checkbox and all the gigs have the yellow ribbon now :).