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Sharp drop off impressions and messages/orders in general


Hey guys, long time user here. Recently I have noticed a sharp drop off in the impressions/clicks/views and interaction in general (let’s say past month or two). Is someone else experiencing the same issue? I have updated the gig completely with new video, seo etc, but it doesn’t seem to do the trick. It was a sharp decline a few days ago in particular. Can someone from customer service take a look and make sure it’s not a bug?

The nature of my work is custom, so each project is different, and I don’t do 10 orders a day since each takes a long time, so it would really be appreciated if someone took a bit of time to help me out. I’m well on my way to top rated seller and it really is inconvenient this is an issue now, I hope it can be resolved, just check out my reviews and interaction with people, there aren’t any issues there.


For CS you need to file your request here