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Sharp eyes for Dirty Critiques! (:

Hey Fiverr,

I wrote the below letter in my fiverr gigs, requesting assistance w/ critiquing my gig. I haven’t received any messages and so I’m placing it here. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I feel like a school girl wearing boys pants backwards w/ getting my gig straight! I would appreciate somebody providing a review. Thanks a bunch! (:

I could use a few pros eyes and comments on my Fiverr gig from somebody that can shoot a bulls eyes from a 10 story skyscraper and hit a stop sign w/ a toy pistol w/o managing to harm any innocent bystanders.

...Somebody to open up [critique] my gig 1 and operate like a tired and trained physician w/ who has steady hands.

...Someone to enter the Gauntlet like Clint Eastwood and help me to clean up! (:

If you dare enter the Gauntlet of what I call gig 1, you may proceed. But take heed. It won't be pretty and you may not come out the same. (:

Thanks so much!

Kind regards,

Peter - See more at:

I agree, the video does not work. It’s too slow paced. And your gig description is way too short. You need to add some of what you say in the video into your gig description too.

What you wrote here, is ten times better than your gig. Remember if you want people to hire you to write messages on their behalf you need to demonstrate you know how to write. HOwever don’t use the same tone as above it’s not very professional from that context of what a buyer might want you to do for them.

And get rid of the phrase “self-taught” in your profile, that is never a good selling point, people want to know that you got schooling or worked in a professional job setting. If you are school educated, that’s not how we say it here in the US, you say you have a “BA in English” or whatever your major was. Also, your photo does not look like you are old enough to have 17 years experience in CS :slight_smile: and write it out anyway, Customer Support, that is what you meant right?

Also, consider changing the title of your gig a bit…are you basically offering virtual assistant position with just one aspect of contact support?

Plus you say in your profile you can here more of my stories in my gigs…there is absolutely NO additional information in there. And a gig should not be for stories, but for advertising what you will do for people.

I mean explain for me/the buyer exactly what you will do, will you learn all about my business in 5 minutes and then log into my email to start handling my customer service replies for 10 more minutes? Doesn’t even seem like a likely thing to begin with. I would need someone to get to know my business, my style of writing, my work ethics on how I prefer to communicate. I am not even sure I know what it is you are actually offering to do without knowing anything about my business.

WEll, you wanted some feedback…

I don’t think the video is helping showcase you well. You are probably way more confident is person. The confidence is real necessary for the gig. You are not comfortable with the camera. Looking away for the script is not working well.

Thank you! (:

Yes, I love it all! (: Thank you!

Are you offering to log into people’s email for them to communicate with their customers? That might violate fiverr terms of service.

I think in the video you came across as very nice, polite and sincere. It’s not easy to make a video presenting yourself but I admire the way you showed the world who you are. I don’t expect people to be professional video spokespersons here unless that is their gig.

Thank you! I appreciate that. (: