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"She" has more than 250 Orders in Queue


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"She" has more than 250 Orders in Queue

Mashallah! Keep it up.


He clearly said “she” Have a read before commenting next time, it’s not him with 250 orders!!!


It’s not against fiverr’s rules to have multiple people working under a single account as long as there is a “main” person and “juniors” that help out. In my opinion, it should be explicitly stated in profile’s description for the transparency’s sake but my opinion is irrelevant as fiverr clearly doesn’t think so.

Counting orders in competitors’ queues has become a bit of a sport on fiverr these days from what I’m seeing.


How did that seller get their layout of their text that way in their gig? It looks so good!

Though if an account was being used by a team and someone said “I will design” and no mention of a team is made, and maybe if other users/team members are using the same account, wouldn’t Fiverr have a problem with that?

eg. “or use or attempt to use another user’s account or information” or “authentic profile” or “not be misleading…”.

Maybe it’s not a team.

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Though 252 orders with around a 2 day delivery (126 a day?) is quite a lot for 1 person to design I’d think.

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I’ve tried editing the text in my gig description and it’s turned into a mess so that is the one thing I wish I could do is make my text look neat like theirs does.

I wish I knew how they did that.

Be Professional with your Work :heart:

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Someone who can turn out that quantity is someone who has a system in place, is organized or has ready to go designs somehow.

And how do they get that quantity of orders?

How awful of one buyer who left a 1 star review to complain it took 12 hours for her to answer them!


Well, apparently they don’t.

According to my success manager, as long as the account is managed by the single person who distributes the work and runs the quality control, there is no issue.

The problem would arise if the seller would consider providing services they actually can’t do by setting up a gig for someone else and manage it in its entirety on someone else’s behalf. But how would one even prove that is beyond me.

I was considering to bring in someone to do calligraphy for my projects and as a separate gig, this is why I asked about the procedure. The answer was kind of confusing and the thing fell through so I abandoned the idea.


Lol a lot of people writing books these days


There is something fishy about this:

To Avoid copyright issues, I provide premium stock image at no extra cost (for all my customers). You can as well send me your own image if you have one.

Am I missing a trick here? I’ve bought stock images for my own book covers. I just can’t see how a seller can make any profit on $8 if or even $24 if including premium images?


You could do that too - it’s just really detailed use of the bold, bullets and various things available to any seller. The stars are either a different font (available in Word) for example …

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Even if she hires a lot of designers and control quality, how that’s possible they can manage it with 250+ orders in progress and 2-3 days delivery time. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Plus she has another gig with 30 orders in queue!



I swear, I’m not being facetious but and?

Most of those are just text on top of the stock photo. It’s 10 minutes of work.


Just with a big enough team and system in place and fast enough internet connection?

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You can easily create very similar ebook covers in Canva in about 15-minutes to half an hour. You can also re-purpose old book covers you’ve already sold. (Most indie writers write the same rubbish.)

I imagine a few people spending 8-hours a day in a room going all at it could move this kind of volume. All I don’t get is the premium image free extra with every cover.