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She needs refund


She have ordered me one month ago worth 5$ she is back and said my assignment wasn’t good i need refund! She had already marked my order as complete and gave me the 5 star review! What should I do!


Well if the design was flawless, I mean you yourself would know if there were some problems with the design or not, client would not know because mostly clients are not that expert that they could check it right after delivery then its bad to ask for refund but if there were some flaws and he got to know through the print guy that there are problems with it then you ought to refund.


Asking for a refund on a $5 order, especially one which attracted a 5-star review, is kinda tacky…

Nevertheless, refuse. Never issue refunds on completed orders.


She blackmailed me to submit the report on fiverr! What should I do


Sir she didn’t tell me earlier!


Do not be afraid.
First: send a message to CS with a copy of your discussion with this seller and give them the ID of this order. Tell them that she is threatening you and you need the help of CS team regarding the bad behaviour of this buyer.

Second: Send a message to this buyer and tell her that you have just sent a message to CS to inform them of this issue and that it’s forbiden to threaten sellers on this website. Tell her that you won’t communicate with her because you are waiting for CS answer.


I have send them order id! Should I send them a message again? That she is threatening me?


My opinion is that it’s better to send CS a copy of the discussion with this buyer to show CS that she is threatening you.


Okay I’m sending them


Assignment and essay gigs are not allowed on Fiverr. Your gig may be removed at any time. If you type “assignment gig denied” or “essay gig denied” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject.


She didn’t tell me first that it was assignment


The way it seems that , things are not going to change much, the rating and review is already given and can’t be changed, so what are you supposed to do?


If too much problem, then contact support


Contact support, without tension, you’ve done the job, it’s 1 month, you deserve some rights, don’t you?


I have contact them should i block that buyer?


Even though you may be furious, $5 is so low it does not worth fighting for. When doing a cancellation, make sure it states buyer changed his mind, so it won’t go on your stats as a cancelled order. Let it go, I assume you have not worked hours on this.


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Hey! The screen shot she had send me it is describing 2500 words have failed her but she gave the order of 1000 words! I have right only 1000 words what should I do


Allow me to hop in and I am aware that this has nothing to do with the thread topic itself, but she is trying to help you and so are others. You might want to town down your language and not “hey” people.
(I’m actually surprised to find out that you are offering a writing gig promising “Appropriate grammar.”)

For now though, if she is indeed threatening you, send CS a screenshot.
After that whatever the outcome, it’s best to let it go.

Be sure to thank everyone else who replied and helped you out too,BTW.


Well I’m sorry for not thanking i was in trouble in hurry I forgot!


CS told me that EVERY cancellation affect our stats.
Did they tell you the opposite ?