Sheriff says: "Calling out members is not allowed"


“Calling out members is not allowed”???

If FiveRR is to exist as a transparent, self-policing community, this is counterintuitive.


There’s always 2 sides to every story, but not everyone uses the forums. What if you were wrongfully called out and couldn’t defend yourself because you didn’t know about it? Wouldn’t be very fair. Plus, if there’s a dispute it should be handled between the buyer/seller/fiverr, no one on the forums can do anything but give advice so there’s no need to plaster the username everywhere. You can leave negative feedback on the users gig which would be much more efficient then a post in the forum. The transparency is where it needs to be and where it matters most.


Some people are just out to cause problems!


The forum would flood with "FRAGGLESROCK IS A CON AND A THEIF AND A LIAR!!!"

If all those things are true, they need to be reported to Customer Service, and if it’s really the case they’ll remove the account.

It DONKS to get ripped off, and find others ripping off others, liars seemingly going unpunished and so forth, but no-one on the forum can do anything but the same thing you can - report. So there isn’t a point. shrug


Reply to @powermedia64: “modern, sophisticated and simple” are subject to interpretation. If I was the seller, I would be conflicted by your request. Your previous logo would generally be used to gain insight into your preferences. So I would likely use what you have preferred and attempt to combine that with a sleeker design. I feel as though the seller did what they thought was best with a vague and somewhat jumbled request. The themes for example are rather contrasting in a way “journalism, information and motorcycles”… What do you do with that but remain simple in the design? I don’t know what portfolio item you saw that drew you in and left you feeling “duped” but I’m sure that design was requested by someone who paid more and provided more to go on.

Putting prices on a portfolio is a non issue. It’s up to the buyer to effectively communicate exactly what they want if they have something exact in mind (which you obviously did) and also to communicate effectively with the seller beforehand to inquire if any extras are needed to complete a logo “as nice as the one in the portfolio”. Your description leaves so much room for interpretation. The seller interpreted it as best as he could. If I’m not mistaken he even provided more than one design. If you aren’t satisfied with the options he provided when he did his best to follow the vague outline, then you need to rethink your request. Evaluate what you didn’t like and come up with a more specific request, possibly including pictures of similar designs that you do like, and purchase another gig. At this point you received what you paid for. This seller does NOT deserve to be dragged through the mud on the forums. A couple of original logo designs is well worth the $5 and then some, regardless of whether the sellers “vision” was the same as yours or not.

You claim that you didn’t take the refund, and you aren’t trying to be difficult etc. ect., but you should have taken the refund if you were truly dissatisfied. I’m sure the seller would much rather have had a mutual cancellation even though he deserved the money plus some, than to have you punish him by providing unjustified negative feedback and posting slanderous threads about him on the forum. He did his best, he provided exactly what he thought you wanted, despite having so little to go on and contradicting ideas (simple but incorporate three separate themes). He realized that it was impossible to please you without spending several more uncompensated hours of his time trying to figure out what you wanted and most likely he would never have succeeded to your standards anyway. So he was willing to deal with the unfair loss and refund your money, that’s very respectful and courteous of him. You refused because you wanted the opportunity to defame his character through bad reviews and through forum slander.

You have achieved nothing besides to ensure that no seller who reads this will be willing to work for you. No one wants to devote their time and talents to a buyer with a hidden agenda.

If I were you I would thank the seller for his time, apologize for the offenses you have caused and, as I mentioned previously, figure out what exactly you want before placing an order.


Reply to @oranjewebdesign:

Actually, I’m not a troublemaker. In fact, I’ve been totally professional–with you and in my comments. You have my permission to post them here.

Again, if you’d submitted work to me commensurate with the logos in your portfolio, I wouldn’t have looked for answers in the forum.


Yes, I imagine, in most cases, people wouldn’t be very professional.

In my experience, the seller is neither a thief nor a liar. They did their $5–and more–worth of work.

I don’t feel ripped off, just feeling that Fiverr and the seller have opportunity to help buyers distinguish what $5 worth of logo design looks like, compared to one that is initially upsold with “options.” Not doing so is disingenuous.

If the the seller submitted work to me was of similar quality to the logos in the seller’s portfolio, I wouldn’t feel duped. If the result was of this quality, but I didn’t like the design, I would have quietly moved on to another seller.

In fact, I submitted four identical requests. The other logo received so far wasn’t good, but it was commensurate with the work in their portfolio. I thanked the seller and moved on.


Reply to @accessgirl:

I didn’t come to the forum to cause trouble. There was no dispute with the seller. I was offered a refund, but declined (then was asked to cancel the gig after delivery). I got my $5 worth of design work, but couldn’t understand why the quality was so much lower than the logos in the seller’s portfolio. I simply came to the forum to get feedback.

As for “official” Fiverr feedback, is it a one-time thing or is there a way to leave additional comments concerning anything but the first interaction with sellers?


In legal terms, this is called “defamation of character”. What if the tables were turned? Would you like to come in somewhere and see your name plastered everywhere with negative connotations? Of course not - especially if you weren’t aware of doing anything wrong.

If you have an issue, like others have been saying here, settle it between yourself and the other party. If you need third-party intervention, contact Fiverr Customer Support, and they will be the mediator.

The rules exist for good reason. :wink:


Reply to @powermedia64: Portfolios are generally assembled with the sellers best work. This is typical business. The portfolio logos were an honest example of what the seller is capable of doing. It’s like a model home. The model has all the extras and fancy stuff to draw people in. However the base price doesn’t include all the fancy stuff, it’s still good quality but doesn’t contain the fluff extras.

It’s a buyers responsibility to effectively communicate what they want in any scenario. If you want what’s on the portfolio picture than ask for it. Review the sellers extras and if you see that the portfolio pictures contains extras then you know what you need to order. You could also ask the seller if the portfolio portrayed logos are basic or enhanced with extras. Did you ask? If you order the base priced gig, you get the base product. Sellers don’t generally reach TRS level by being sneaky or dishonest. The seller is also not in the wrong to advertise his nicest work in his portfolio, that’s just smart marketing on his part.

If you wanted the extras, your seller would have been more than pleased to sell them to you. It sounds as though you were looking for the extras for the base price. That’s just unrealistic and unfair to the seller.

If you feel “duped” as you say, that isn’t the sellers fault. It’s due to a lack of research before purchase. Asking a simple question and clear communication of your desire goes a long way. If you seriously think it’s strange or dishonest for a business to market their best product in the hopes of drawing customers in, then perhaps you should research business marketing in general because I assure you its an extremely common and universally accepted process. Sellers can’t be held responsible for the nieve assumptions of a buyer. I hope you learned a lesson to better research and communicate your needs and expectations in the future, but it’s wrong to paint a false picture of the seller because you made a mistake.


Reply to @madmoo: I did not know that :slight_smile: I usually submit my work via Google Docs links which doesn’t give me the opportunity to create a portfolio.


Reply to @powermedia64: I understand, but as stated the gig portfolio displays all levels of service, from $5 and up. Although it would be nice to know what quantity of gigs was purchased to receive that quality you can’t, but you also shouldn’t assume all the items are at the $5 level.

Honestly, the logo does not seem to deviate from the portfolio examples, but quality can be subjective. Your definition, the sellers and mine may vary.

I don’t think your going to find a satisfactory reply in this discussion as you don’t want to accept that you can’t publicly punish your seller for not meeting your expectations. You have already left a bad review, that’s more than enough.


Reply to @madmoo: I understand what you are saying. I personally don’t attach files, just links to Google docs and sometimes my public Dropbox.

Anyway, my point basically is that regardless of how an item gets in the portfolio (I’m assuming the seller at least has to agree to it), it doesn’t make the seller dishonest when they offer their base product for the base price instead of the fancy product, that just so happens to show up on the portfolio, for the extras price. I don’t even understand how a seller could be shed in a bad light based on a “above and beyond” job in his portfolio. My impression is that the portfolio just gives an idea of a sellers style essentially. What a new buyer will get is the sellers advertised style of work, with the details being based on how much you are willing to purchase.

There are a million different examples of this scenario that are common sense; like if a store offers a gift for a purchase of $50 or more and someone makes a $30 purchase but gets mad about not getting the gift. The customer isn’t justified in calling the store a liar or saying that they are “disingenuous” for not offering them the same gift that the customers who spent $50 received.

I don’t know, this situation sounds a little fishy to me.

PS. This isn’t directed at you madmoo. I just felt like if I continued discussing my questions about portfolios, that I was hijacking the post lol.


Reply to @missashley8705:

My answers to the things you bring up are contained in my other comments in this thread.

Here’s the description I sent to this sell when buying the gig. What did I do wrong?


This first logo is for, an information portal for journalists in the motorcycle industry.

These sites have additional information about my company: and

My original logo is attached. It is in the style of the various logos I’ve used for the past 10 years.


Business Name: Pro Moto Resource. Please use all three words, spaced as shown

Tagline: None

Services/Products: Marketing and press releases

Target Audience: Journalists and small-business owners

Orientation: Horizontal

Logo Type: Modern, sophisticated, simple

Logo Themes: Journalism, information and/or motorcycles

Logo Color: Please use the same light blue color somewhere in the logo

Please contact me if I can answer any questions.

I look forward to seeing your designs. Have fun!


I’ve attached the resulting logos. Are they “Modern, sophisticated, simple”?

Thanks for your input.


Reply to @accessgirl:

Actually, I’ve gotten lots of good feedback here. As a freelancer, I believe very much in the Fiverr concept and want to find great people to work with on the many projects I’ve got in the works.


Reply to @missashley8705 & madmoo:

As mentioned previously, it would be great if each piece in the portfolio listed the price paid for it. Then again, my concern hasn’t been about money ( I chose not obtain a refund), but the process by which a buyer finds an appropriate seller.


Reply to @accessgirl:

Honestly, the logo does deviate quite far from the portfolio examples. Please take another look.


Reply to @goodgift:

There’s nothing to “settle.” I’m not looking to defame anyone. I’ve brought up deeper concerns about the Fiverrr process for buyers and sellers.

I’ve stated that I don’t think the seller is a thief, a liar or a no-talent designer. Very simply, the quality of work he did for me was not nearly commensurate with what was in his portfolio, that’s all.


Reply to @powermedia64:

The only way i see this working is by manually adding a price watermark to separate sample images, then perhaps deliver the actual work in a zip file.

If it was automated prises would confuse the buyer when sellers offer package deals.

I considered doing this but atm i only offer package deals as gig extras so basically every individual sample image is what you can get for a fiverr.


Reply to @powermedia64: Honestly, it just doesn’t stick out to me as lower quality or completely different form the other logos. Like I said though, it’s subjective, I might not have the “eye” for logo quality :wink: .

I would definitely make sure to include examples of what your looking for if it’s something specific. I could ask 5 different sellers for 5 modern logos and they could end up on very different ends of the spectrum.