Shipping locally


The shipping cost options on Fiverr are ridiculous. I can’t ship anything out of the US for less than $12, but the highest option I get is only $8. I don’t like the idea of shutting out potential customers, but I’m really getting burned and have to make my gigs domestic only. Is there a particular method in setting up a gig for this?

I’m not here to make a living, but dang it I’m also not here to earn 11 bucks only to spend 25 on shipping! There should be a way for shipping to be calculated instead of chosen by the seller, hoping for the best. :frowning:


Once you level up, you can increase the amount with extras. So for now keep it domestic. Once you reach level 2, adjust the amount to what you feel is right and then add the extra in your gig. Hope that helps :slight_smile:


How are you mailing it? I send mine via plain yellow envelope via USPS on or via the USPS website, up to four ounces for $6.60 just about anywhere. Pick “Packages”, Large (or Thick) Envelope, over 3/4" thick and I think you’ll find your price is much less than $12 dollars.


write down a note on your gig description : shipping outside us 12$


I too am in U.S. & sell items which are round balls & therefore can’t go in a flat envelope. I always use first class/priority mail because it offers better protection for both seller & buyer. I’ve shipped about 1/2 dozen times out of country & up to an ounce is $12 & change for a padded envelope. This has much to do with not fitting in standard envelope processing machines. When I was new & asked Fiverr CS about how to manage this, they suggested I “ask the customer” to buy a tip gig to cover the extra expense. Well, I happen to think this is a bassackward philosophy. Fiverr should fully support their sellers-after all, they take 20% of the shipping fee for themselves, too-and allow us to charge reasonably to cover actual shipping expenses. This has been my biggest issue on Fiverr, because otherwise I’ve interacted with some truly nice people from all over the country and the world.


Reply to @celticmoon: Jeez, Celticmoon, your stuff is CUTE! /fellow fiber freak :smiley:


I’m using USPS, just a padded envelope. Sometimes I deliberately make my products thin enough to pass the 3/4" thing, but if its international still I get slapped with some crazy price, that doesn’t even include insurance or tracking. The pricing has varied so much from country to country, there’s no way to calculate, and just because I ask for a tip or gig extra, is that ok? Does that even work?

What if I set the shipping price blank for international? Or does that only tell people I ship for free to other countries. I agree, this is the most frustrating thing about fiverr.