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? Shipping Prices?


Hi! I’m new here and have little to no idea what I’m doing. Anyway, I’ve never shipped anything before, so I don’t know exactly how shipping costs work. I see that Fiverr’s pricing options can be set from $.50 up to $8.00 for any individual gig, but I also know actual shipping costs vary depending on where you’re sending the package/how much it weighs etc. I’m just a little confused and need some insight. I’d appreciate anyone’s help!


You can do the shipping price for in your domestic and international.

Domestic obviously being less and international more.

I suggest setting them somewhere that seems right for most places to ship too, even if you are overcharging a little bit for certain places. You don’t want to spend money out of your pocket so do what you have to do!

If your gig is good, no one will complain! :slight_smile:


Thanks mindcandii! I haven’t set up shipping because I don’t want to accidentally lose money on the deal. I’m not sure what seems right for most places though.


Can anyone else give me some advice on shipping prices?


I think the average is $2 for domestic and $3 for international but my sample size is very small. I would probably look to see how much it would actually cost to ship your product and then round up to the nearest dollar.


Items weighing up to 4 oz cost $2-3 from within the US to anywhere else in the US. Most international shipments from the US have gone up subtantially, around $6 to most places. I charge, for my crochet items, $2.40 for US shipping, $6 for Intn’l. It goes up a few cents more with increased ounces.


I am delivering only service, then why should I pay shipping charges, Can any one comment on this.