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Shitty internet service

Sellers, how do you handle uploading video gigs or anything with uploading something when your country has shitty internet service?

I live in a big metropolitan area in Canada, ultra fast internet.

I was in Europe, traveling across, uploading a video onto youtube.

I went to London and travelled by train, bus and ferry.

Tirana, Priština, Skopje, Bitola and Thessaloniki were the slowest and 3 of 4 of these cities just mentioned are the capitals of their respective countries.

It took me 6 hours to upload a 10 minutes video.

So to sellers that have to upload videos, graphics, audio and so forth for gigs, how do you do it with crappy internet service?

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With a lot of swearing. I’m out in the sticks of rural Greece, so yeah.


Swearing in what language? During the trip above, specially in those cities, I was the United Nations of swearing. :grin:

Mainly English, but sometimes I like to throw a malaka or gamo tin panagia sou into the mix.

Greece has some lovely swearing, it really does.

:arrow_down: That’s my net type, so,


My Internet goes down all the time. I have a mobile wifi device on a separate network for emergencies but if my Internet goes down during the day, I just see that as an excuse to go to the bar and use theirs.

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I live in a rural area with expensive 3G internet only. I pick gigs that don’t need videos, and if someone wants to send me a 30MB data file, I refuse the order.


In the UK I used to get unlimited 3g for $30 a month. It;s the only thing I miss about the place apart from the mountains in the Scottish Highlands. Everywhere else in the world 3g is crazy expensive.

I dream of unlimited broadband!

I have two internet providers for when one is down.


Always good to have a backup if you can!

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I have two as well, as I know my neighbors password–he also knows mine so we just switch to each other’s if one network is being particularly shitty.

It is a satisfactory arrangement.


don’t know what you are talking about :joy:


Western Europe is fine. Eastern/Southern Europe has beyond horrible internet.

Prishtina here and that’s precisely the reason why I don’t do video gigs. :smiley:

I have a unlimited broadband service at home, also know my uncle’s password who are our neighbours and have got my own 4g device as well which has 50GB/month for $30. :nerd_face:


Oh, how I wish I could get data that cheap! Well, data prices are steadily dropping over here. We’d get there soon, I hope.

As far as :poop:, it does get shitty, alright? When it does, I watch a movie, play a game, or shut my laptop - it’s easier than destroying it.

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I have same issue. We don’t have unlimited data connections. I always upload larger files using my night time data. It is bit faster than day time connection LOL

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Meanwhile, I get unlimited data for just $4 a month.