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Shitty internet service


I started using internet @128kbps 8 years ago. Currently I’m using 10mbps in same area. Everything is developing on their own way, internet is one of those.
People from different corner of Earth has the same fate but I think none of them stopped their business and they won’t!

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Lucky youuuuuuuuu :slight_smile:

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Which service are you using?
I’ve DSL with unlimited data for $17/month and because of loadsheding I have Evo too for $15/month.

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Yes, I use DSL. And my router is on UPS, so it stays functional even when there is a power outage.

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I don’t need high speed internet.
I get unlimited internet in just $19/month. It’s okay for my needs.

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I swear in both English and Japanese, it depends on the situation.
But I think English sounds more swearing-ish, I don’t think there is a word that is strong as the f-word in Japanese. I wish we had more colorful swearing words in Japan. I should create some…

Your ‘not high speed’ is about 4x as fast as my high speed, and half the price. :unamused:

Does the other end still work too (during a power outage)? Side note: don’t forget to keep track of your UPS batteries. They wear out.

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Yes, the internet company also has a UPS and a generator that kicks in during prolonged power outages. So, my internet hardly ever goes down.
Moreover, yes, the batteries need to be replaced every 3-4 years.

My ISP has been removing theirs (backups and generators). And my choice is them, “oops, we went down for a week again,” or “you might be able to pick up a mobile signal if you put your computer in an open area, outside, don’t move around too much, the sun’s out, not many other people are around, and you’re lucky that day.”:unamused:

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Thankfully, I don’t have to face such situations, I thought that the States had better internet services.


Me and my partner have traveled the world for 2 years now using fiverr only…
Many places such as mountain cities in Bolivia and Peru, don’t even have any internet, which eventually limited our stay in these places…

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Seriously??? You are from USA, which has far more better internet ​options from my country.

In the U.S. it depends on where you want the service. Some areas only have the option of satellite. Some have none at all.

A place not far from where I am has their own fiber line into the building.

Part of the problem is that the companies here don’t want to maintain the existing infrastructure, and say it’s too expensive to build new.

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Its alright if you have got some snacks to chew while you are at it.

Hey you’ve been to my home city and the city where I currently leave :slight_smile: The problem is, at least in Macedonia, that the cheapest internet options are a disaster, but enough for the majority of people. I am using one of them, I work with audio files, and it takes time. Its enough for me, but if you upload videos in this part of the world, just make sure your host has optical fiber Internet or possesses one of the better options.