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Shocked at Customer Support

can any one help me recover my account, its an old account since 2015, i used to get 1-3 orders every now and then.
2 days ago my gig came in recommended page and i received 70+ orders. Then all of sudden fiverr disabled my account and sent this ““Your profile was flagged for purchasing or selling false services for the purpose of manipulating our rating system””
now they dont reply back, i have to keep making new accounts to reach out to them, Then all they do is ignore and close ticket. Atleast bother to reply back and explain the situation about what went wrong if i did anything wrong etc
nothings given to me, this place is a crap hole!! they call themselves professional when they dont even care to reply back.
I dont know what to do!!

Did you create the same topic few days ago?

It is really unfortunate and I can imagine how you feel but no one on the forum can help you with that

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yes yesterday, that account is disabled as they dont give a crap and dont bother replying back. Its not a bloody rocket science, takes 1 minute to reply back and explain what went wrong, how its my fault that i got 70 orders?
they simply dont care, its been nearly 2 days, about 88 orders are cancelled, most of them were new buyers, who i doubt will ever come back to fiverr, gave bad name to fiverr. I held CS responsible for this.

Why would it get that many orders suddenly? What was the gig for?

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I’m afraid that your best chance to contact them with an email and not creating new account to open a ticket (because they will just block your new account right away) and ask them to escalate your ticket for further investigation.

I’m afraid that it’s your best chance.


@misscrystal Logo design, i checked my gig was in recommended page 1 line 1, I am happy i got orders, why would i complain about that?
@mariashtelle1 yes i have already done that, sent many emails, No reply what so ever.
they simply ignore the messages, How rude can you be? its called SELLER FLIPPING HELP CENTER!! but you dont get no help, i have read sellers msgs on forums, social media etc everyone are cursing CS, they were never like this 2 years ago. If there was a ratings system for CS, i doubt they will ever get more than 1 star

70 orders in one day probably is a new Fiverr record. That could be the reason why they suspect malicious activity.

I get on the recommended page line 1 often but don’t get 70 orders. Not sure what your deadline was for those but that’s a lot of work to do.


in the past I had a buyer that placed around 15 orders… in around 20 minutes , small orders,different gigs . They all got cancelled and the buyer was banned … until today I don’t know why

Opening new accounts really isn’t going to help your cause (if you have one). What do you mean when you say support ignores you? They don’t reply at all?

Were you warned about harassing them? Is that why they’re not replying?


Same here (20 characters)

He may have done Paypal chargebacks.

Were the 70 orders from just a small number of people?

I don’t think so , the orders were in progress , he contacted me first there weren’t any reasons for chargebacks

Usually if his account is gone that’s the reason. There’s usually no reason for a chargeback. It could be a bad credit card or something.

i checked my email, all 70 orders were from different clients, most orders were 5$ ones and rest 70-200$. I checked recommended page, most sellers prices are very high and mine were 5$ starting price, so probably thats why got so many.
Nope no message was sent from CS regarding harassing them. I have sent multiple emails asking for what went wrong, no reply back, nothing was told to me.
Many sellers in logo design category have 200+ orders in queue, so i am not shocked about that. Fiverr should have atleast contacted me or warned me but no nothing at all

Those with that many in queue have had that amount over a long period of time, not suddenly. Being listed suddenly on the first line of recommended wouldn’t do that. Even for $5. At least that’s what fiverr thinks. They think it’s not normal. And they know what’s normal and what isn’t.

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Yeah, I’ve seen those.

I also have a writer friend on Fiverr whose gig went to the recommended section. She received 35 orders in the space of about 12 hours. But her delivery time was set to two weeks. Yours was 24 hours (or thereabouts), right? Another seller on this forum recently got in trouble, seemingly for taking on a number of orders which she didn’t have the capacity to complete on time.

If you haven’t seen this seller’s thread yet, I’ll link you to it. Her account was disabled two days prior to yours.


Here is a similar topic which was widely discussed.

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@lloydsolutions That sounds like the same person.