Shocked at the number of fake portfolios


As an illustrator I try hard to keep my work original. Of course with anything creative artists are naturally influenced by their peers or their heroes. But then there is the straight off stealing of others portfolios. And today while browsing i’ve seen so many.

How on earth do they think they will get away with it.


They don’t care, the only thing they care about is making a quick buck. :roll_eyes:

The Mindset:

:small_orange_diamond:No creativity
:small_orange_diamond:Don’t want to put in the work
:small_orange_diamond:Coz stealing is easier

I believe in KARMA tho, I hope she comes knocking on their :door: and… :smiling_imp:


lol yeah

It’s not as if they are not eventually going to get found out either. Some of the stolen work is from really top of their game illustrators who have obviously spent a lot of time on the pieces.

The buyers are going to get a shock when they see their first draft and it not fair for them.


I feel you and the only thing i can comment on that is keep up the good work and the good things will come eventually! Good luck and all the best!


Here in the Fiverr forums, we refer to them a Mek-sels