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Shooting Star Meme Gig


Hello everyone ,

i am a video editor and here is my gig can someone advise me and tell me more about my gig that what should i add or anything , i really want to grow but don’t know how will i get orders …


Hey guys?
What can I do to my gigs to help improve the number of buyer requests available? For now I have seven gigs and I can only see 170 buyer requests most of which I have already placed bids for.
Any help will be highly appreciated


Hello @sarhanaashir,
Welcome to Fiverr :slight_smile: I just saw your profile and GIG and you need to make some changes there.
Start with your profile description, give some more words, describe yourself, what you know to do. Then go to GIG, take a time and make the best video you could for the main video. When buyer come to your GIG, he goes first to play your video and he can’t see some perfect work.
Use keywords which are perfect for your GIG, and put them trough title, tags, description.
Go to a buyer request, send offers. Use social network for promotion your GIGs, other forums, blogs.
These are the things that could help you for first buyers, but also you need to work hard to make that.
I hope that you receive first order soon and I wish you a lot of orders.
Hey @gladysmeth, maybe you can also find here some good advice.
All the best for you, too. :slight_smile:


@coolboby thanks for the Good wish. How many buyer requests can you access?


Thank you very much for you reply and guidance i am currently working on the video that i will upload soon :slight_smile:
and ok i will make changes to my description.


There is a lot, maybe more than 7,000 requests.
I think that you maybe changed something. Take a look at the option with Subcategories in buyer request. Maybe you are using one subcategorie, and if you put all subcategories that will show you so much more requests.
Let us know if is that problem with your requests.


@coolboby, thanks for your prompt reply. By using this gig as an example, what changes do you think can help?
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At first look, your GIG is good, you describe good all things, your skills, packages. I don’t have to much time to resaerch more about your job, but you are make good GIG. Maybe you can try with promotions trough Social network, Forums, Blogs.


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