Shootouts and promnotion category is gone


So, I had a gig that was feautured second page in Shootouts and promnotion category in social marketing. But today, this category does not exist, so I can’t find my gig anywhere. Anyone noticed that?


It’s there as a subcategory in Influencer Marketing.


Catwriter I know that, but until yesterday and for many years now it was a subcategory in social media marketing. People used to find me much easier by just kitting social media marketing, which was the first option. And there, I was in 2nd page. Now, since that happened I don’t have orders at all.


I see your gig for promoting Fiverr gigs (is that still allowed?) on the top row of the second page of Best Selling (Influencer Marketing>Shoutouts &Promotion).


Yes, I can see that too. But until yesterday, it was on second page on social marketing. Of course it is alowed. Fiverr sent me a nitification a few days after creating my gig saying my gig is being approved.


That’s good. There was talk about gigs related to Fiverr gig promotion being removed, that’s why I asked. :slight_smile:


Shootouts and promnotion category is gone

They probably got rid of the shootouts category due to what’s been in the news in US recently.