Short link from flickr


It’s ok to put short link from flickr portfolio, to gig description?


Yes it is…

I don’t have the link handy on me but it is in approved sites to share your portfolio by fiverr


I’m find it, but before I put them in my description I decide to open a topic and ask. Thank you :blush:


Yes to Flickr, no to shortened links.

Might be a good idea to ask Fiverr CS - those Flickr links are long, and contain a @ symbol which can cause problems. :wink:


My shorted link from flickr don’t have @ symbol


No, but some of the unshortened Flickr links do have a @, like yours does when it’s not shortened.

That’s why I suggested asking CS - if they don’t like shortened links, and they don’t like an @ in descriptions, what’s the best way to get around it? :slightly_smiling_face:


To be sure on that, I will contact CS :slight_smile: