Short Sighted Buyer (3.4 star review)


Some buyers are too much shortsighted. They just want to upset you .
To a buyer I provided 100% accurate work he gave me 3.4 star review by saying that we were expected better .
What better :angry::angry::angry:


Can you give us more details about it?

If I were you, I will find out what went wrong and how to improve my service next time.

How do you know the work was 100% accurate?

Just wondering. I am aware there are some bad buyers but it doesn’t mean everyone should rate 5 because you feel that way


Because I gave him what he demanded.


But that doesn’t really answer anything.

How was the communication, how fast was the delivery, does your gig description have something that you missed out on your delivery?


I inquired him he just told me your work did not satisfy me.
Me: But why?
He: I’ve no reason.
That was the conservation.


Every thing was fine from my side on time delivery.


Oh well, sorry about it. Hope you get better reviews in the future!


Hope so.
As I’m new on fiverr my overall rating now is 4.6 star.
It’s difficult for me to get an order now.


Just hope for the best!


I know this is devastating to you. I’m very sorry it happened.

You are just 4 reviews in, my friend. You need to close your account and start over. If this was bad luck, it won’t likely happen again. If you were not completely subservient to your buyer, learn from your mistake. The first 10 orders are reviews, not money, and there is absolutely nothing the buyer wants that you can afford to say no to.

We understand from someone who recently checked with Fiverr that it is permissible to close your account and start again. You just can’t have 2 accounts open at the same time. With that review, and so little track record, you will find orders impossible to come by.



Is there any chances to come back with this account to gain orders?


This would be a good test case. A Fiverr career is hundreds or thousands of orders. Why be hampered by the first 6 reviews? Not much has really been ventured here. It’s been a learning experience.


I don’t see the need to close your account. You are at 4.6 and fiverr a 4.8 in the next 60 days… So you only need 1 or 2 positive 5 stars. What you should do is, don’t wait for fiverr to bring you customers because that would take long. If you still have access to the buyers request then you need to utilize it (don’t say it’s full of sellers promoting themselves) because those occupy about 20% of the overall requests. Market your gig through social media, word of mouth, go to a cyber and stick a poster there or leave a session open with your fiverr profile in the background. In short, try to bring in the customers by yourself.


phantompower thanks for your tips.
Can you tell me the best social media sites for the per motion of gigs??


It’s not about the social site but about your audience. If you have an audience that shares an interest in what you offer then you can manage to get some of them to buy. About a month ago I built a tool (don’t ask me to share it) that inspects a website the picks people who are potentially interested in you product, the tool then add those people to you contact list and schedules post on a regular basis. So when you share a link to your fiverr gig it will be displayed to people who would want to buy it. This can be done manually but it takes more time.


one more thing is it better for me to start with a new account or to continue with this one??


I can’t answer that… You need to look at it this way… When you opened this account, how long did it take you to receive the first order… If you retain this account, how long will it take you to move from a 4.6 to a 4.8. Once you know this answers it will help you decide whether or not to open a new account.


this is the reason that I’m not opening the new one…
But from this thing I learned one thing that fiverr should have to introduce one thing at least one review remove able (means some kind of backup plan) from the account…


The backup is to provide quality work or maybe use the resolution and ask the buyer to change the review