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Short Story as A Special Person


Hello Dear Respected All,
I Joined the Fiverr in end of the April 2018. I am a special person who has quadriplegia and cannot move all four limbs or the entire body below the neck. I am confined to a wheelchair for life. If I lack in my physical abilities I make it up with my studies. Currently, I am operating my own Tuition Centre from 2010 to present (Grade I to Grade XII). I have 18 years of qualification. I have done my BBA (Hons) and MBA in Finance from Bahria University Islamabad, Pakistan.

I get up in the morning around 8:00 am. After taking my breakfast I start work on Fiverr around 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, then I start teaching to my students from 3:00 pm 8:00 pm, then I take my dinner and then again start work on Fiverr till 9:30 pm daily.

The main reason to join the Fiverr is to earn extra money to support and fulfill the basic needs of my mother especially because she had put a lot of hard efforts to make my educational career bright, so all credit goes to my Mother. I want to give her something special in my lifetime that is my aim of life as she gave to me this precious educational gift. So, I start working on Fiverr by heart and learn different tips and guidance from Youtube. I modified my Gigs descriptions, Gigs Covers, Gigs Descriptions, Tags and other related things. I got my first order of $20 in the mid of May and I delivered my first order on May 22, 2018. After the submission of tasks, I got a five-star review from the buyer. From that day, I put my 100 percent and deliver all the orders before the due day. From May to November I have completed around 73 orders with net income of $1,384.80. I am near to achieve Level 2 bandage. This extra amount helps me to fulfill my personal, as well as my mother, needs effectively. I have a plan to work on Fiverr for whole life to make my future bright. In short, Fiverr means to me a lot, it can make my dreams true. If I compare to freelancer and upwork with Fiverr, then I can say that I really love to work at Fiverr forever, because it suits my routine, flexible and very productive for me. I just need Fiverr’s corporation to guide me in every unfavorable condition.

I look forward to your positive response.
Thank you and kind regards,
Syed Aamir Abbas
(Special Person)



Yes Great :ok_hand: I started 2011 and this is my full time career :hugs:


Thank you for your appreciations and compliments​:raised_back_of_hand::heart:!


Thank you Sayed - you are indeed a very special person, and I’m sure your Mother is very proud of you.

Here’s to your continued success! :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations :partying_face: @aamir94 on your Fiverr success in spite of your physical disability; it is very apparent you work hard for your success. :blush: I am proud of you as I am sure your mother is. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


great job! Keep it up!


how did you make Fiverr into a full time career? I’m trying to earn back what I lost during Hurricane Michael, but I am having a hard time kicking off.


An awesome story , keep it up !



You should make your own thread under “My Fiverr Gigs” to promote your gig.


It is not polite to post spam on someone else’s thread. :roll_eyes:


Good work and great consistency. Best wishes for you … :slight_smile:


I really become emotional when i read your post. i hope one day you will be one of famous freelancer on fiverr.
All The best for you bro.
Keep it up


You truly are a special person brother! I wish and pray all the success, happiness and prosperity to you and your family.

I lived in Islamabad myself for 2.5 years and absolutely fell in love with it. What a great city.

I’m wish you continued to success on fiver and in all other domains of your life.

All the best


Congratulations on your success. Your determination to make this work has certainly paid off–and will continue to, I’m sure.

I have a neurodevelopmental disability and started on Fiverr with my first order at the very end of March, a few days after creating my first gig, and have seen similar success.

Best of luck for the future!


Hey Thanks for sharing your life experience with us.


it is inspiring, thank you for sharing with us.


Awesome, best luck.keep it up.


Great thanks for sharing the bright story.Good luck you and your mother.May Allah bless you.


wow, you are really an inspiration.thank you for sharing your story.


Good job and keep it up


Dear Ma’am, you have to create attractive Gigs covers, modify your Gigs descriptions, Tags, compare your Gigs with other sellers and low your per Gig price.