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Short TIPS from - Cartoon Illustration Designer


Hello everyone,

This is Monir, vector artist. I’m working for in this sector for more than 4 years! and now i come here to give service to the HINORABLE BUYERS OF FIVERR.

It’s a very good news that, I love to do CARTOON FACE, ILLUSTRATIONS, FACE VECTOR etc. I’ve completed many works in various marketplaces.

In every sector, i found that, Buyers want a perfect design from the designers. But maximum time, designers become fail to deliver the desire designs. The reasons are given below:-

  1. Communication gap,
  2. Understanding problem,
  3. Over excitement,
  4. Over confident,
  5. Unable to design,
  6. Lacking of knowledge,
  7. Lack of experiences,
  8. Lack of percevences,
  9. Commitment and finally
  10. Fail to Convince buyers.

If the designers success to overcome these problems, they can bring their success within a short time.

Please knock me if you need to know any information.




Thanks for your very nice advice


Thank you so much for the best tips.


thanks . for your advice :slightly_smiling_face:


Its a practical advice for us,Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable experience in fiverr.


Very helpful advice


thanks for your tips…Its very helpful to us


Hi, Thank you for your valuable advice. All of your information is correct. Skill is a main part of any work. That’s why i always believe first you have to acquire skill then you should expect the order. In any business customer satisfaction is one of the main part too. In a word…Customer is the key of your business.


thanks for share your important advice


Thanks for your valuable post :slight_smile:


Many @monir229 thanks:blush::+1: