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Short video produced through Fiverr sellers

I need a couple of short videos for my business. I will need a whiteboard video, script and voice over. I need to coordinate these to get them done into a video and have it delivered to me.

I haven’t done this before. Any advice or information anyone can provide would be appreciated. Thank you.


Hi and welcome. There are many great Sellers of these services. Be patient and I’m sure this thread will fill up fast. BTW, I do VO.

You should order a script first, then a whiteboard video, then a voiceover. ^^^ @voiceoverwork does great voiceovers.

I do scripts BTW :slight_smile:

Check with Fiverr before ordering anything. They changed the rules. I read on a post here on the forum in the past week where Fiverr now requires you to be in the video or they will decline it. I did not verify if this is true, but it wouldn’t hurt to check with Fiverr CS before spending your money.

If you do decide to go with whiteboard, you can check my gig out at:

99.9% of all whiteboard animations on Fiverr is done with videoscribe. If you want a voice over synced, best to get the voice over done first. Once the voice over is done, send the voice over and voice over script to the whiteboard artist. Also, it is best if you let the whiteboarder add the background music to sync the scribe properly, but you may want to inquire further with whom ever you use.

If you have any more questions, let me know and I would be glad to help, but again, first check with Fiverr CS to be sure they will approve a whiteboard video for your gig.



alliemadison12 said: You should order a script first, then a whiteboard video, then a voiceover.

I recommend getting your VO (or at least a beta read) done before you get your VideoScribe/PowToon/Camtasia/Etc finalized. Inexperienced video producers often miscalculate the screen time required to effectively do a voice over. Synching a VO to a finalized video is difficult and often impossible.