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Shortcuts to Earn money|Fiverr tips|Smart ways|Fiverr secrets| [CLOSED]


Post removed by Admin. Posts containing a mix of re-posted tips and suggestions that violate ToS are not good for the community, especially the newest members.


Impressive! Good Tricks and Tips for newbies! Thank you :slight_smile:


Your “(Technique of the day!)” will get you banned in Fiverr. :facepunch:


Same stuff with different sauce


You were very useful. Thanks


Sending custom offers to random people is SPAMMING and you might get blocked by Fiverr for that.


Dangerous Technique of the day!




Lol… Nice method but dangerous. Better play it whitehat.


Hello Saadijaz666
Have you ever made a sale using the Technique Of The Day?


New sellers, please do not go to your competition, look at their reviews, and send messages to those buyers. Not only is this cheap almost to the point of being malicious, it’s extremely annoying to those buyers and probably against Fiverr’s ToS. You’re essentially spamming a bunch of people with messages and offers that they haven’t asked for and probably don’t want. They will report you and you can be banned from the site entirely.


A new seller offering bad advice to the ‘gret post tank’ crowd? Say it ain’t so!


Technique of the day! LOL


Btw His recent Delivery Was 2 Years Back lolxx