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Shortened URL through Fiverr

Does anyone know Fiverr has a shortened URL service? Because I used fragglesrock to shorten one of my Fiverr gigs, it detected harmful and blocked it. I was thinking that it may not have problem if I use Fiverr’s own shorten URL, but I can’t find this feature anywhere.



I mean fragglesrock, not fragglesrock. I don’t know why Fiverr replaced it.

Fiverr doesn’t have that service, and you aren’t allowed to post off-Fiverr links or sites, call out members by name, or use any word remotely profane. Those things will automatically be changed by Fiverr’s software.

Oh, sorry about that!

That might be a solution to the issue where Gigs get changed to serve other functions.

As it is, the title of a Gig’s filename that was created originally, remains the same even if the title gets changed to describe a completely purpose.