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Shoud I accept or decline please help me

Buyer ordered me for a logo, I gave him 4 logos within 1 day he said he does not like and asked for revision, then I asked him in messages for more instructions he was ofline and revision delivery time was 2 hours. I again made 4 new and best logos in 2 hours time and then sent to him…
But now he is asking for dispute and here is two options for me accept or decline… Which should I cook… Accept or declinene? With which my profile do not become down.

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If you decline the request, the buyer will have the chance to review the order. They may well choose to leave a negative review. This would stay on your profile forever.

If you do accept the request, you won’t get paid and it will count against you in your statistics for 60 days. That’s probably not the end of the world because you’re new.

You have to decide for yourself which of these outcomes you prefer.

You should accept the cancel request. Though it will effect your account statistic. But if you decline, then buyer will give you negative feedback. Which will be more harmful for your profile.

Either way will affect your account but at least if you decline you won’t get a bad review. So if that is important to you then accept.

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