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Should a short break from Fiverr?


December became very hard for me as a seller, sales plummeted and no new buyers. I do not know why this happens but I see a lot of other sellers who experienced the same thing with me. It is clear that there are no statistics on impressions and page views, and even tended to decrease dramatically every day. I did some updates on gigs and perform large-scale promotion to various social media but my action was also no result, efforts are in vain. Contacting customer support is not much help. Maybe I should take a break while enjoying the Christmas and New Year. Hopefully in the next year there are improvements of all these problems.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. :-*


I’m definitely taking a break over Christmas. I’m getting through the last of the gigs that were placed last week today and then closing up shop for five days. Instead of suspending my gigs, I’ve extended the delivery times by 10 days, so buyers can still order. I prefer to do that since I don’t know what suspending them does to the search placement.

Enjoy a break, refresh and you can start looking at your gigs in the New Year.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year too!


Reply to @aingham69: thank you for your explanation.


Bernard. :slight_smile: