Should all files in buyers description be in the order or take their word they will send it after I accept order. Accept button not working


Hello, I am new to fiverr. I have done one order and the process was easy, I got my files and accepted the order. My second order the buyer send me .jpg files for review and stated that after i accepted the order then they would send me the files they had in their description. This included the source files of .psd and .ai, free font typography link of the fonts they used and .png and .jpg mockups. From looking at the terms I seen that the order must have what they have in their description. Is this true? I have asked the buyer about getting these files and they stated that they sent the .jpg only for review and that they want me to accept the order and then they will send me the files they have in their description in my inbox and to not worry about it, they will send it after I accept the order and its marked complete. I’m just looking for advice about this as I like the work and had a couple of revisions done, and I want the files but as they are stating i will get them after I complete the order. Has anyone experienced this?

Also upon taking their word, I admit I did try to complete the order but the site will not update the order to complete, it has me do the ratings etc…and says complete on my end, but when I refresh it still says delivered and I must accept. The accept button does not work. I guess this is good as my main concern is getting the source files they stated in the description and if it must be in the order itself first.

Thanks. I did contact customer support but I am still waiting a reply.