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Should be able to pause the timer when waiting on info from the buyer

This has happened a number of times where the buyer has only supplied partial information for an order and then disappeared for days and the gig ends up late and there’s nothing I can do.

It would be great if - when messaging a buyer on an order - there was a “response required” box that, when clicked, would pause the timer until the buyer responds.

This is one of the things that have been suggested multiple times. Perhaps this time fiverr will take notes.

Atm the only thing we can do is cancel when the time passes a stage where we will no be able to complete it on time. (99.9% of gigs i have cancelled have been due to this issue)!

If I cancel an order because the Buyer went AWOL after placing the order, will I be penalized ?

Great idea! I would love to have that option!

I agree, it would be great to have the response required button if buyers fail to deliver all required details. I often have the issue that buyers forget to add their media contact details and I have to deliver late because it took too long to get the information from the buyer. This would be a great feature that would help many sellers.

I also often get orders where buyers pay in advance and tell me that the will send the details next week. If delivering late affects a sellers rating, the timer should be stoppable if order details are missing.